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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Studs, spikes and everything nice!

I'm on the hunt! Hunting across the internet for a new hand bag of the spiky or studded variety. I've had so much luck with Everme this year so I'm back for more. Everme are an Australian-based bag and accessories company with a variety for fashion and designer bags.

Here is my current lust list:

A small super funky clutch bag with a cross body chain in a really unique blue shade I'm loving the strong silver studs against this shade of blue. This would be the perfect clutch for any outfit day or night. Styling this shade will be really fun as well, just imagine the options!!

Another crossover clutch but with a much bolder stud in trusty black. The larger shape of this style can accommodate those of us who like to carry a little too much even when using a clutch. I adore the hexagon style studs.  

The more classic style bag perfect for any evening dress or even paired with skinny jeans, super high heels and a leather jacket. I'm not usually a huge fan of gold studs but these work so well. The simple placement draws your eye straight to this bag and that funky gold clasp.

Then finally the spiky style! How much does it rock? I need this in my collection ASAP and it would be a perfect style to pair with my leather jacket which has the same studs. From the silver and black combo to the spike detail this needs to be on my body right now.

Which is your favourite?