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Monday, October 14, 2013

More from Rust & Regret

So hopefully by now you are well aware that I'm a huge fan of Australia based jewelry company Rust & Regret. Their strong unisex designs, bold artwork and classic materials have always won my heart and this season even more so.


There is a strong nautical influence in this seasons stock and I'm loving it! The Ropes and Anchor pendant called to me through a sea of skulls, crosses, pharaohs and crests. I adore anchors so this necklace had to be mine. This simple yet stunning design pairs with my casual wardrobe perfectly. 

I've also started to wear these long length necklaces wrapped around my neck in a more 'Choker' style this week. It's great to have a necklace that I can wear with both low cut and high neck tops. 

What do I love nearly as much as anchors? Animal heads or animal skulls!! The Ram-Snake is a classic silver ram's head that morphs into two snakes at the end of it's horns. This is a design I've not seen before and I'm really digging it. These pendants are super solid, strong and will last you a lifetime

If you liked the Ropes & Anchors necklace you will love the matching ring. I've been wearing this ring every day since shooting and I'm 100% smitten with the design. If you are unsure of fit I'm wearing this style in the smallest size of 19mm and it fits like a dream on my right hand middle finger.

Isn't it just perfect? I love how strong these pieces are and shooting these in black and white makes their unique style and excellent craftsmanship shine through even more so. Many thanks to my awesome friend and photographer Michael Alesich for these rocking images! Also thank you to my amazing man who suggested the first ring shots and let me molest his back.

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