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Monday, June 3, 2013

Coming soon to Pinup Girl Clothing

Currently I'm on the look out for an amazing dress to wear to a wedding later in the year. I've been lusting over the 'Coming Soon' section of Pinup Girl Clothing in the hopes that I will find exactly what I need. 

Sadly my wallet is not letting me buy up a storm but luckily for me these babies are not available for purchase just yet. Here is a sneak peak at the brilliant new Deadly Dames and Pinup Couture styles heading our way. 

A little shop of horror's themed structured peplum dress from Deadly Dames? YES PLEASE!!! I've been in love with this film and the fashion since I was a little girl so this dress needs to be on my body asap. The fabric a one of a kind creation from Micheline Pitt exclusively for Pinup Girl Clothing. 

I'm usually not a strapless fan but I've heard so many great things about the boning and structure of this dress. Paired with some hot lime green accessories. This style also comes in a few more not print fabrics so if  this is not up your alley (how can it not be?) then you can go with simple black or red.

Such a classic knit dress in a classic shape with just a hint of bad girl chic. I'm really into yellow at the moment and the style and cut of this dress suits my curves so perfectly. This shade of yellow/gold would work perfectly with red hair. This style also comes in red so the choice of which colour is so hard! 

I'm loving the black chiffon necktie paired with this dress to really give it that hot rod vibe. I would pair this with the same accessories plus gloves, a black beret and a hot rod. 

Pinup Couture Betsey Swing Dress in Black Gingham - $120.00

I'm currently on the biggest gingham kick known to man kind and I've been searching high and low for a dress exactly like the Bestey! Perfect for layering with cute cardigans and stockings in the winter and even more perfect for the warmer months. 

I just adore the black accents and the full skirt which until last two years I've never really been fond of. Swing skirts have definitely scored a big place in my heart. 

Then lastly the Luscious dress. I actually intended to purchase one of the Luscious dresses when I was over in the US earlier this year but I had no luck finding the Octavio style I was after. Now after seeing this version I think it might be fate that I could not find the other version. 

A bright and lush red dress suitable to wear all spring and summer long with the most adorable pinup girl embroidered on each shoulder. This style is amazing for big busts and for hour glass figures as it really nips you in where it's important. 

Well that's my current lust list! I would sell my light leg to have these babies in my closest and would shoot up a storm in them! 

What's currently on your PUG lust list?


  1. I really love the Jessica dress.I am hoping the red version will come back and that they will make some in green!

    I like this one in pink,too.

    I can't decide if I like the peach,red,or turquoise one best!

    I love this shade of blue.

    I so wish this wasn't sold out,it's one of my favorites.

    Love this green dress.

    This one is very cute.

  2. I really love this line. The best part is that it is affordable! I love the red dress. Instantly, the line devil in a red dress comes to mind. This is gorgeous.

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  3. Lovely photos...looking 3rd dress....