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Friday, February 8, 2013

Regret Nothing

Recently I shot for one of my most loved Aussie accessory designers Rust and Regret. I'm sure you've heard me gush over their amazing accessories before and only just recently my post regarding the release of their amazing Ahoy Signet Ring.

To show case these brilliant styles I wanted to do something a little different and more involve a more casual look. I recently received a few samples of new stock from Serpentine Clothing and I feel the two worked brilliantly together!

Now I've gushed about Rust and Regret already and I will continue to as their accessories are so damn funky. They create the kind of jewelry you would want to steal off your boyfriend and your boyfriend would want to steal off you. With brilliant rings, bracelets, belts and necklaces.

So I'd like to show you my current favorites from Rust and Regret and the awesome clothing I paired it with! Hope you love these unique items as much as I do.

Skull Ring - $39.95
Crest Ring - $39.95

Hardcore knuckle accessories right here! Love the bold designs, silver metal and the unique square shape. I'm not sure what size I have these in but they are a wee bit too loose on my fingers. So be sure to know your ring size prior to ordering. 

Ramstear - $29.95

What could be more perfect to pair with my Jackalope Tee than a sliver rams heads skull! An skull is up my alley but animal skulls with antlers or horns make swoon that little bit extra. The double chain and extra long length helps you wear this necklace over high necklines and even double wrap.

By far my favorite out of all the styles currently in Rust and Regrets online shop.

Huntress Tee - $32.50

My stand out favorite! I am a huge lover of Jackalopes so when I unpacked my parcel I squealed in delight over this print! 

It also fits me like a glove in the XL, does wonders for the bust and is just an all round awesome tee. Loving the v shaped neckline, such a flattering shape for women with larger chests.

Masked Destroyer - $29.95

A little viking metal, a little steampunk and a whole lotta awesome! The key with a skeleton hand - brilliant design, so delicate and stunning. The Masked Destroyer necklaces is what I can see Zakk Wylde in. All of these items are so very unisex and suit so many different people.

Why not double up with these amazing necklaces? The pendants are just the right size so you can wear more than one at once and still look rocking.

An awesome graphic on a great stripped loose fit tee. I'm wearing this in a size Large yet it is really roomy, I'd even size down to a medium in this specific size.

Great for wearing anywhere casual, pairing with jeans or shorts and looks brilliant tied up at the waist with higher waisted jeans and even skirts.

What comes a close 2nd for my all time favorite pendants? Weaponry of course! A brilliant new take on the a crossbones like effect with a tiny little axe and mace pendant. This one you boyfriend will steal instantly I promise.

Not my usual style cami but I'm actually loving the fit. This prints really more gothic looking than I'd choose for myself but the lace bust steals my heart.

The straps are very thin though which does not work well for my thicker bra straps. But this is easily fixed by wearing a black bra underneath. I wear this style in an XL.

Boner Bracelet Silver - $34.95

And finally two items that I'm sure you will wear every day of your life once you own them These simple black bracelets with a simple black or silver bone never really leave my wrists. I love how simple and stunning they are. I also had a bright red bracket from their collection but sadly it caustic on a branch and I missed out on shooting it.  They also produce some amazing skull brackets and a new range of beads is due to be launched very soon.

You need to get your credit card or paypal outright now and stock up on both of these brands! I apologize in advance for any addiction I might cause.

Many thanks to Michael at Lucky and Rice for working with me on this and a few other posts. These have been my first outfit posts to the year and its already been a whirl wind!

So much more coming once I get back into action at the end of the month!


  1. Are those the American Apparel disco pants?
    You look incredible.

    This may seem stupid/random, but I am constantly stressing about my figure and whether or not I am too heavy. I look at your blog and think you are just beautiful and your curves are insane.
    For the first time today I noticed your measurements over on the side bar, and though I am two inches taller than you, our measurements are literally exactly the same!

    Today I thought for the first time, I may be being too hard on myself.
    If I think you are beautiful, why can't I do the same for myself?!

  2. I love that leather jacket, where did you get it?

  3. Your hair color is to die for! Can you share with us what you use?