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Friday, February 22, 2013

Lost for Time

This week I found myself iPhone less briefly which in today's day and age is pure hell. Other than missing my link to the online world I also realized I did not have a way of keeping an eye on the time. In this overly advanced technological age we rely so much on our smart phones that we forget about the little things.  So this week I realized that I need a watch!

It's a simple accessory that I've not worn for years but it was needed big time this week and I did not have one anywhere.

So being a girl that has a specific style I've looked around at a few different options to keep an eye on the time.  Here are a few options I've found to go with different looks, themes and styles.

Sleek, elegant and very a perfect example of the a true bracelet watch. That much so you need to take a closer look to ever realize it's a watch to begin with.  This is my stand out favorite and on top of my lust list. I'm never sure if watches are  too bulky and this style will pair with everything I wear perfectly.

Another bracelet style but this time a more traditional watch look. Love the chair and crystal band! The black and silver work perfectly and give this classic looking piece more sparkle.

More Bling Baby!! Find me a woman that doesn't love a little Swarovski and I'll be shocked. This is my 2nd favorite style. I seem to go for the square of rectangle style faces. Again this style appeals to me because it looks more like a bracelet.

 You don't always need to wear a watch on your wrist! How about a Ring Watch? Loving the crystals and the way they pop on the black base. This is an adorable way of keeping track of time and great for those who don't like to wear anything on their arms.

If only I had had this hidden in my handbag over the week I would have been saved. Just another option if the standard watch is not your thing. I adore pocket watches, they are whimsical, old fashion and always beautifully crafted.

One last style! The classic, sleek and streamline style watch from Bering. I love the simplicity of this watch and even though I'm more into the 'is it a watch, is it a bracelet' style I would wear this on more casual occasion.

You can find these and more Bering Watches via the website. Do you still wear a watch? What's your style? I'm really interested to know as I'm just going back into the world of watches and I'd love to know what you wear to keep time.


  1. I so desperately need that first DKNY watch....

    1. I know right!! So deelish.

      I think I will save up and get it, the style is perfect for pretty much every occasion.

  2. I have that DKNY bangle watch! It's the best!! So nice and easy to wear, goes with everything, looks so classy and people barely even notice it's actually a watch. I've had one for over 5 years and I love it so much that last year when my original watch was on its last legs, I bought another excatly the same. I will never wear another watch! It's totally worth the investment!