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Friday, December 14, 2012

Retro Tease

While browsing online I came across some very flattering shapewear from Marisota in a very retro pin up style and I wanted to share my stand out favorites.

There is nothing better than having some core shapewear garments in your wardrobe. It's even better when they are that cute you can't wait to show them off to your partner. Usually shapewear can be ugly, beige and boring. These items are worth being admired once you slip your outfit off.

Such a glorious shade of almost cobalt blue and perfect for wearing underneath any pinup style wiggle dress. 

The original and brilliant vintage girdle shape and design.This paired with thigh high back seemed stockings under any garment will make you feel like an absolute bombshell. 

Super easy to wear no fuss shapewear. I'm swooning over the art deco print on these high waisted kickers. 

How adorable are these two fabrics/prints paired together? This kind of undergarment works with dresses, jeans, skirts and pretty much every outfit you will wear. Just be sure to get the right fit and measure your torso as the bust might be a little tricky to match up.

Get on my body NOW! Words can not express just how much I want to be wearing this Waist Cincher. The fabric, the garters and panels - so yummy! I need this in my Christmas stocking please santa. 


  1. Love love love it, out the window with my beige scary stuff!


  2. Thank you for sharing, it's funny because this morning I thought I'd like to have a retro body :)

    Love, xo

  3. I love them but can we get them in Australia ?

  4. I think curvy women look fabulous in vintage girdles like the Playtex 18 hour Pull-on girdle. Modern shapewear does tend to look ugly, beige and boring as you say and I do love the word 'girdle'. Dave UK