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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stocking Spotlight

A super quick stocking spotlight before I head off to bed after an awesome weekend! While I've been focusing on the more sheer or netted stockings. I wanted to show you another awesome style.

Voodoo Carbonella or Romanza Stockings - Price $24.95

Sorry but I'm actually unsure of the name as I can't find these online anywhere! They are fabulous though and I will ask voodoo for more information about them tomorrow. 

A simple black stocking, thick and soft with a intricate print (in net that seems sheer) to give them a little more attitude. I'm wearing these in my usual size of a Tall/Extra-Tall and they are perfect!  These are perfect for everyday where and will match so many skirts and dresses in my closet.

I paired these with my Coral Torrid high heels as I wanted the shoes and stockings to clash but in a good way. Having these two styles together I almost want a little black and coral mod dress to match!

To find more styles and stockist please check out Voodoo Hosiery online!

1 comment:

  1. I love your pure pitch black stockings that is coupled with a really striking stilleto. I will try to find one in buy stockings online.