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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stocking Spotlight

One of my favorite parts winter is stockings! They keep you warm, at that little something extra special to an outfit and double up as shapewear.

So I've decided once a week to feature my favorite designs on "Stocking Spotlight'

I've recently found a new love for Voodoo Hosiery and I'll be featuring both their stockings and leggings (yes I'm learning how to wear leggings!) weekly.

Voodoo Fashion Womens Hosiery Swinging 60's Tight - $16.75

I adore dot stockings in general and will be featuring my favorite pair shortly but these Tights are so cute! Thick and perfect for warming up your pins this winter and easily styled with skirts, dresses and shorts.

I love patterned tights and stockings because they really complete an outfit. I'm addicted to skater dresses and patterned pins right now and these worked perfectly with my Luichiny Eye Doll Platforms - $89.95US

I'm wearing these in a Tall/Xtra-Tall and they are a perfect fit. They fit firmly and comfortably and I find if paired with sleepwear tights give you a little extra shape at the waist.

These images were snapped up on my iPhone and I have to admit that I'm addicted to Instagram so if you are on there please feel free to follow me : @teerwayde

I upload images on Instagram that I don't show on any other websites so its a differently look into what I get up to. 

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  1. Those tights are adorable - I have recently found a love for statement tights so I will be watching your weekly series with interest.
    Shoes are fab too by the way!

    Gems x

    Australian Fashion Review Blog