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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Viva La Diva!

So do any of my readers have issues with finding the right width shoe? Do you have wide feet and possibly even large calves and have no luck finding boots to fit?

I personally don't have this issue but I've had friends and readers in the past complain about the lack of choice in the market and how hard it can be some times to get a great boot for winter that fits correctly!

I've recently come across the UK web store Viva La Diva a store stocking wide width shoes and boots.

You can view a selection of Wide women's Boots and view styles by both foot width or calf size. Ranging from standard to EEE and calf sizes up to Extra Ultra Large you are sure to find a boot to suit your needs.

Here are a few styles on offer in the wide section :

Legroom Boots Extra Large Calf Fit - £75.00
Available in black or tan
Legroom Boots Extra Large Fit in Taupe (also in black) - £75.00

Jeffrey & Paula Stud Cowboy Boots (also in natural) - £75.00

Don't have wide feet? Not to worry you can browse so many other styles on this website. My current boot on this website that needs to be in my winter wardrobe is this pair of blue babies!

Daniel Wisdom Boot in Navy - £155.00

You can also find shoes both standard and wide width and lots more items at Viva La Diva! They also stock selected styles up to a size 13! I found some stunning Pleaser heels in the larger size section!


  1. Duo is another great UK store to check out.

    Fantastic boots!!

  2. Oh man. That last pair of boots are to die for!

  3. Love the last pair :) Sooo cute!!

    Great Blog! :D I am now following you

    Happy Easter,