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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Converse All Stars and

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If I was to ask 100 people to name their top 5 favorite trainers of all time, I could guarantee one thing; all of them would have the Converse All Star in their list somewhere. It may not always be top but I double guarantee it would be the only trainer that was consistently in all 100 people’s top 5. And that’s the beauty of the Converse All Star, its universal appeal is unmatched by any other trainer.

I've recently come across the selection of Converse All Stars on and I'm really impressed by the variety and styles they have on offer. Yes I may be a high heel adoring freak but I own a few pairs of Converse All-stars high tops. My boyfriend also has a mild obsession with Chuck Taylor's so I can saw with pride we are a Converse happy pair.

While window shopping on this web store I came across these and added them to my wishlist. I've not seen any styles like these in Australia at all!

How funky are these variations of this style? Polka dots for my inner girly girl, leather high tops for my boyfriend and some awesome Gorillaz print shoes for me again.


  1. I want a pair! Used to have a polka dot pair until i accidently donated them to an op shop :-( x

  2. Hi Teer. I just discovered you from And I just wanted to let you know that you have become my role model =).

    It is difficult to deal with my figure, and watching you modeling all this amazing clothes was awesome. I have some questions but I don't know if you are able to answer them (for the time, or if you are busy or not)

    -How did you started modeling?
    -Do you have Cellulite?.
    I know is a hard question and I hope you don't get offended, but I've been watching your pictures and your figure and skin looks terrific!. I have almost the same measurements as you (42-37-45), but I have problems with my skin. I walk a lot and drink lots of water but I still have that problem. Do you have to deal with it? If so, How do you battle this?

    Regards from Mexico!

    1. Hi sugar!

      Well way to make me blush first thing in the morning x

      I stumbled into modelling really, I did not really intend to do it but someone liked my look. So they set up a shoot and it really snow balled from there.

      I do have Cellulite honey, even my skinny friends have it! It's not something that only plagues bigger people. If I stand infront of the mirror right now with out shoes you can see it on my upper thighs, not a huge amount but some. I wear heels a majority of the time and I find that they really help to smooth out and shape legs.

      I'm 41-33-42 right now, I need one more inch of my hips to be an hourglass dammit! :P

      Sorry darling I've never really had skin issues other than my early teens having a few pimples here and there. Water is the best thing as well as your diet. What you put in can come out on your skin. I use Bio Oil as well mixed in with my moisturiser.

      I mainly eat veggies, fruit and salads. Fish, chicken and no bread with one bad day per week. There are no real secrets though I guess some things are in your genes.

      There are heaps of things like Proactive I've heard are great for problem skin.

      I hope that helps honey!

  3. Hi again =).

    First of all, thank you so much for taking your time for answering me =), I really apreciate it. It's very kind of your part =).

    Well you are right, they're some skinny girls that have Cellulite, I asked you because of your pictures. I love the fact you look very confident with yourself. I called you my role model because I feel that I need some self-esteem, and watching you is very inspiring.
    I guess is very different the way of thinking in Australia and Mexico. Here people is so mean sometimes.
    Even Shopping is very hard. I wish I had stores like you have in Australia, at least they doesn't exist in my city. I love Pin-Up Culture, I think it's very beautiful!, is a pitty that I don't have that kind of stores over here.

    Once again, thank you so much for answering. I'll try your tips, I don't use high heels very often, I guess I should try it once in a while =D, and of course, the nourishment of our countries is very different but I'll try to avoid bread too =).

  4. Haha yes! The nourishment differs a lot from country to country!
    I´m from Germany and most people here are eating a lot of sausage, meat in general with potatoes and sauce and we have an incredible amount of bread types and baked sweets to choose from. It is NOT easy to withtstand that! I´m hourglass shaped but my hips and legs are the biggest parts of my body. Some people say I shall loose weight. But there are many who say the opposite calling me a real woman with curves and stuff. I think we always clutch on the negative and forget the positive comments. That´s what I do... and that´s too sad.


    Best wishes
    Kat from

    1. We all come in different sizes and we are all amazing! All women are REAL women no just those with curves.

      I diet as I use to be 50 kilo's heavier and I do not want to go back to that.

    2. @Teer: Wow, I didn't knew that, but is really great that you feel good now. Kilos are really bad when it's about our health. You look gorgeous, keep it in that way =). I also love your hair! =D

      @Kat: I feel the same as you. My boyfriend says that he loves my figure but most of the people is telling me things all the time. Our nourishment is very bad, here people sell fried things a lot, like potatoe chips, things with soja sauce, and of course fast food. That's why sometimes is very hard to get healthy habits, I guess is a strenght thing.

      Regards to both of you =).