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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Se7en Deadly

Se7evn Deadly - Deviously Divine Offerings to Soothe a Sinner's Soul.

'With the launch of se7en deadly in early 2010 comes a new genre in alternative fashion and the home decor industries that we refer to as "Elegantly Macabre" Its unique designs twist together the core of the Se7en Deadly Sins, the graceful Victorian era, and the harsh grunge of a traveling circus in the Great Depression. The Se7en Deadly brand seamlessly juxtaposes ancient religious carvings, medical oddities and curiosities, and forbidden subject matters, to create a collection of alternative clothing, eerie accessories and vintage inspired art. Much like a quick glimpse into a sideshow tent, Se7en Deadly is unusual, new and alluring.'

Se7en Deadly are pretty much a one stop shop for those whole love the Macabre - which I do very much. You can purchase clothing for women, men, kids, artwork and accessories.

Bellow are my 2 favorite tees and 1 cami.


Heavens Sinners Cami - $32.99US

I'm wearing this style in a size X-Large and it is a snug fit just the way I like to wear my cami's and t'shirts. I love the lace detail on both the bust and the bottom of this top. The large skeleton print is brilliant and it's really flattering on your curves. This cami also comes in black with a white print if red does not take your fancy.


I paired this up with my favorite Sportsgirl stole and my black disco pants. I used the same pants for each item to show just how rock and roll these tees look with a shinny pair of awesome pants.


Embalming V-Neck Tee - $32.99US

Because I was unsure of the sizes for this brand I got this top in an XX-Large but sadly it was far too big, I've taken it in myself but think in the future a size down would be the perfect size. I love this print and the low cut v-neck!


The print is fun, creepy and has one a stunning very vintage hearse featured front and center. The print and text does make people double take which always makes me giggle.


Vanity Kills V-Neck Tee - $32.99

I first saw this design on Pinup Girl Clothing and wanted it instantly but sadly they sold out. So this is how I came to find Se7en Deadly's webstore, just by looking for this top! I'm wearing this style in a X-Large and I think its perfect! Unlike the other two tops that are not sheer this fabric has a burntout effect which is really cool. Also available in crimson.


The print is really bold and I think out of all 3 this is my stand out favorite. It hugs my curves, shows the right amount of cleavage and is perfect for jeans, disco pants, shorts and high waist skirts.

I'm going to be featuring many more tops in the next few months as I feel like I own more jeans and skirts than tees, cardigans and shirts.

Thank you to Giuseppe Dante Sapienza Photography for shooting these with me. Check out his website or facebook.


  1. Oooh I have that "Vanity Kills" tee. It is so comfy I adore it. I also came across it on PUG, but after seeing the rest of the items here I am going to have to do some more investigating of this brand I think! I am really loving the two "embalming fluid" tops, in particular the cardy. I think I have just found my latest Christmas present!

  2. You look gorgeous. Every time I come to read your new entries I feel i'm struck again at how pretty you are! So, sorry if I keep telling you that you look gorgeous! I really like how you styled the first top.

  3. Oh Natalie honey way to make me blush! xxxx

  4. I wanna bite those pics. Enuff said. =P

  5. I'm totally in love with these t-shirts, I have the site open in a different tab. You look friggin stunning, I'm so jelly over here. Thanks so much for sharing, I love all the "sinister" prints.


  6. Hiya, I dont know if you have mentioned this before but what bras do you wear, i think I see a little of the lace showing and it looks pretty. Victorias secret does not carry my size and some of the plus size store bras are ugly and not push up like I prefer.
    And you look beautiful like always :)

  7. Hi Ercilia!

    In these shots I'm wearing the black strip bra from City Chic you can find my full reiview here :

    It's a little big as I'm a 34E an its a 36DD but it makes boobies look great! =D