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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tripped Out

Leather Panels, Skulls, Fangs, Bright red lips and pumps? Don't mind if I do!

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Well we all know very well by now that I have a small obsession with skulls so when I found this Tripp top I snatched it up asap. I'm wearing this in a size 0 (12) and it is a really floaty and light fit. The waist seems to be very roomy so I added my token accessory - my PUG belt to cinch in my middle. I'm loving the low neckline, the super cute print and the ruffled sleeves, it's very girly but rock chick at the same time which most days sums me up perfectly!

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I own 3 pairs of Tripp Jeans already and living in them! They are comfy, soft and a really perfect fit. But none of my existing jeans have these funky pleather panels so I had to grab these to add to my collection.

I'm trying to hunt down a pair of Pleather/leather pants currently so these are a gradual way of easing myself into the style.

They fit a little differently from my standard size 12 in the trip range. They are not as form fitting around the lower leg and ankle as the other Tripp skinny jeans. But otherwise they are a perfect fit.

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These Red Patent Heel are stunning, so bright and go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. There is one issue though and this is the first and last time I will be wearing them.

As with most plus size stores you will find a majority sell wide width shoes. Torrid sometimes mixes in different width sizes, check T.U.K. via their shoe section for standard width. But with the wide width styles unless you wide foot you won't fit into your normal size in any of the shoes.

I was sent 3 pairs of wide width shoes - these, the same pair in leopard print and a pair of Iron Fist Pumps in the wide style. All in a size 10 but as soon as I saw them i new medium to narrow foot would not stand a chance inside.

The fit on such shoes is really loose and being heels I can't walk without having to be very careful, trying not to slip or have my heel slide up.

My advice? If you do not have a wide foot order a size down in and of these styles on Torrid. They are made 'big' so its your safest bet.

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I'm loving my Rock Rebel Diamond Fang Necklace. It matches the outfit perfectly and fits into my current obsession with True Blood. Click the link to see a full colour product shot.

Thank you my blog photographer Michael Alesich from Lucky & Rice its so great to be working with him again!


  1. A nice layout, you do present well in your shoots. A thought on the heel problem, though I'm not into wearing heels (looks painful), but I believe over here across the pond our ladies have things like heel spacers and foot pads to help adjust for the fit. I like the combination of red in the shoot, kudo's to the photographer and they do look good on you. Thanks for the post.

  2. i love torrid. i had the same problem with the shoes i bought as well. they fit width fine but the length was about half an inch too long. i kept sliding out of them. or they would slide up. its sad because i have all these beautiful shoes and havent worn them. :(

  3. This is the perfect outfit in my opinion since I'm also a sucker for skulls, I quite like the leather look too. I've also had the same issue with torrid's shoes, they are a bit too wide for my feet but granted I haven't tried any of their shoes in awhile now.

    You look great, love your hair color!

  4. Love that top, i have a similar one just in a black and white leopard print, i love the red pumps with it. looks hot!


  5. A solution for the shoes ladies is a heel pad in the back (it grips your heel) and a ball of foot cusion in the front or even a whole insole for comfort. I wear a wide width shoe and their shoes are even a little wide on my feet but it works for me because once I spend about 6 bucks on the above mentioned items I can literally dance and walk in 4 inch platforms ALL night.

  6. Hi Annon, I've tried that but still these are too large. I'd rather but a size down and think its wise to do so.