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Friday, September 30, 2011

Switchblade Dame

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I have a new addiction - the webstore at Switchblade Stiletto! Great shapes, prints, retro inspired styles and a brilliant fit! From dresses, cardigans, perfect pencil skirts, tees and cute little tops this store has everything! The designs and prints have a very rockabilly even pyschobilly feel with leopard, polka dot,stripe and bows.

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Sassy Senorita Lace Cardigan - $48US
Leopard High Waisted Skirt - $48US

Leopard print and a pencil skirt yes please! I now have way too much leopard print in my wardrobe but I don't care, I love the print! This skirt is amazing. Not only is it a perfect high waist fit but the belt comes off (and is super stretchy) so you can mix and match any other belt. The fabric is very stretchy and so soft to the touch.

I'm wearing all items shown in an XL and for my shape/measurements it is a perfect fit. The first time I wore this skirt I did warp the shape a tiny bit. I was laying down getting a tattoo for a few hours so it stretched oddly but this was fixed by simply washing it.

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I then paired this yummy skirt up with the very cute and versatile Sassy Senorita Lace Cardigan. You can wear this knit tucked or untucked with skirts, jeans and much more. I love having a simple yet really cute cardigan in my collection. Something you can pair up with anything and perfect for the nights out this spring.

Because I loved the fit of this skirt so much I bought two more after this one arrived. One in black with the studded belt and then the red and black stripe. They are just as amazing and have become my wardrobe staples. Though I can't seem to find them online anymore, I must have scooped them up just before they sold out.

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Sassy Senorita Annabella Dress
- $56.00US

How Vava-Voom is this dress? Now when I saw this via the web store I was not aware of the vibrancy of the fabric underneath the lace. I originally thought it was more of a beige but its actually a bright yellow/green. I originally thought this colour might not work with my skin tone and hair but it's perfect for a redhead.

This dress is beyond sassy it molds to your figure and shows off your curves. Though this is an XL I actually think I could have gotten away with a size L as there is a lot of stretch in the fabric

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As always I've added my favorite waist belt to break up the fabric and add more definition. I now have at least 4 of these belts and around a dozen other styles, colours etc. They are my go to accessory and can change the look and fit of so many outfits.

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If you don't feel like showing as much arm pair the Senorita Dress with the matching cardigan. Either unbuttoned as shown in the image above or buttoned up with the waist belt over the top showing a pop of colour at the bottom.

These shots were taken by the amazing Michelle Grace Hunder Photography. It's such a pleasure to work with Michelle, I hope to feature more of her work on my blog in the future.


  1. I absolutely love the second dress, I love the green underneath and you look so amazing in it!


  2. It's amazing how you rock your body! This dress looks amazing on you! I love your haircolor and your style. I'm size M but can easily look after you in ways how you combine clothes, colors, show your curves and be just enough sexy, elegant and rock chick I like! Keep on doing great work and greetings from Slovenia!

  3. I cant even get over how awesome that outfit in the leopard skirt is! literally just took my breath away...I need it too! :D you look so amazing!


  4. I love the dress with the overlay, it looks fantastic on you!

  5. Teer I love your shape ... any tips on your fitness and diet routine ?