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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Retro Peepers!

'Tres Noir is a brand built by two brothers who wanted to create something real. They wanted to take their love for classic Americana styling and use today’s best technology to create a collection of eyewear that is unmatched in the marketplace. The top priority was to make eyewear that is at the highest quality, combine vintage and original styling and sell it at a fair price. The result is Tres Noir Handmade Optics. Tres Noir is currently carried across the United States and internationally in Japan, Australia, and throughout Europe.'

After months of lusting after the fantastic retro designs from Tres Noir I finally have my first pair of sunglasses from their range and I can feel an addiction starting!

Image Hosted by

Tres A Go Go - $89.99USD (from the US store)
$130 in store and online in Australia

I'm wearing the most recent style on offer for women from their current range. This pair of glasses is a mixture between two of their most popular designs the Ultra Lux and the Bombshell. The frame has a slight cats eye without being to extreme and they are the perfect size for my face. I love large frames!!

Now I got these in black so I could wear them with every outfit I own but they also come in Red and Baby Pink. They are so very comfortable, perfectly crafted and very sturdy. They also come with the most perfect case shown bellow. There is no way you will ever harm these glasses while you have them safely stored away in this case!

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I'm really in love with their designs. They are perfect for any rockabilly outfit and for everyday wear and compliment any shape face. They also make a whole range for men and provide prescription frames if you contact them directly.

Here is a sneak peak of what else they have on offer, all styles come in multiple colour options :

Tres Noir can be purchased from various stores and websites across the internet. If you are located in the US you can buy directly from their website found here - Tres Noir Online Store

If you are within Australia here is a list of local retailers that stock their amazing ranges :

Red Stripe Clothing
8-10 Roe Street
Northbridge, WA. 6003 AU
Telephone: 61 08 9328 1983

Faster Pussycat
431a King Street
Newtown, NW. 2042 AU

Catfight Collections
17 Beaumont Street
Islington, NW. 2296 AU
Telephone: 0249 625 000

Atomic Bomb Hot Rod

90 May St
St Peters, NW. 2044 AU
Telephone: 02 8021 6958

Route 66

255 Crown Street
Darlinghurst, NW. 2010 AU

Midwest Trader
Shop 1 & 2 Ebenezer Place
Adelaide, SA. 5000 AU

Many thanks again to Giuseppe Dante Sapienza Photography for shooting this for me!


  1. Oh my gosh this is EXACTLY what I need! Its so hard to find sunnies for my face and it seems that cats eyes suit me - THANKS for posting :-)))

    I see no Melbourne stockist though. How can that be!!?

  2. Oohh LOVE the shape of the Ultra Lux, definitely want to get my mitts on a pair of those!

    Ez perhaps Faster Pussycat on Gertrude St stocks them? Or Red Stripe has a really good website, might be able to get some through there!

  3. Hi Esz! I will see if they have a Melbourne contact but these were the ones Tres sent me.

    Ain't they fab Claire? I need so many!!

  4. These are awesome! My sunnies broke a few weeks ago and I still need an everyday replacement. I hope there is a Melbourne stockist!

  5. You can buy them online also so here is the link to the online sellers.

    I won't be able to find out about other stockists sadly till i get back from my trip. Sorry guys.

  6. LOVE!! I was trying to source a pair recently, but couldn't get the ones I wanted. Oh - I love that new design :)

  7. Are you kidding me!! You are BEAUTIFUL!! OMG I love your blog and your style is so insane! STUNNING LADY you are!! Kiah