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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A sign of things to come

From Pinup Girl Clothing

Edit - I only just realized that it might look like I was stating these are my shoes! I wish! No these are a preview of the shoes recently shot at PUG!

Image Hosted by

Doesn't this make you drool, just a little? This is a sneak peak from PUG for the new stock they will have online over the next few months.

How many will I buy hmmmmmm?

I think might need to build another wardrobe this year as I'm going to have far too many shoes after seeing this even more!

Coming up over the next few weeks I will be featuring items and reviews from Pinup Girl Clothing, Torrid, Style 369 and more plus some amazing shoes!(from everyday to statement footwear). I've been going crazy so once I shoot everything prepare for post mania!


  1. OMG those black/white wedges are perfection. Gotta love the ladies of Pin Up Girl Clothing!!

  2. I'll have the whole lot thank you!

  3. those white and black wedges are amazing!

  4. I have a feeling that pair will sell like hotcakes!

    Brook I just checked out your shop, love your goodies!

  5. You go girl! Those are amazing shoes.

  6. Oh guys they are not mine, this shot was taken by PUG. I wish I could have this many shoes. Sorry to confuse you all!

    I just wanted to share with you all goodies they have coming!

  7. Serious shoe envy! I love the lime and navy ruffled heels in the back room. I think I NEED those.

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