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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review - IGIGI

For a while no I have been looking longingly at IGIGI and admiring their stunning designs and large range of cocktail dress and formal attire.

With an expansive line for styles and beautiful fabrics they really are a non stop shop for any plus size woman.

Why are IGIGI different? They want to transform the worlds view of beauty, provide form fitting, flattering and fashion forward items, they use real sized women to model their garments and create unique garments.

I recently received the Francesca Dress in Royal Blue - On sale now for $127.50USD and the colour has to be seen in person! Delivery was so fast and when i opened the box I found my dress on a hanger and protected by a plastic garment bag in a sturdy box.

This dress is beautiful made and the neckline is can be worn either over the shoulders or slightly off to make the garment more sexy. Click on the images for a larger version.

I ordered a size 12 but with my odd measurements it fits perfectly everywhere but the waist and under bust this will easily be fixed by my tailor next week. The fabric is very stretchy and could accommodate a size or two size larger in this style dress due to the open skirt. The arms are form fitting but due to the stretch they are very comfortable. It may be a little big on me but I love and trust tailors.

This is a very sexy cocktail dress, I now want one in black so i can make the most of this amazing neckline. If you want to accessorize wear waist belt in black just bellow the bust and bring a completely different look to the dress.

Igigi are a really helpful and great store they know their customer and try to make the shopping experience as easy as possible. They even have a Shape Stylist online and a shape calculator so you can find out exactly what shape you have.

They recommend with every dress what body shape it will suit so it becomes so easy to find the perfect dress.

I'm aware that i have an hourglass shape and this style dress was recommended to me using the Shape Stylist. If you are not to sure about your shape this tool is really helpful. I have always gone by what i learn from Trinny and Susannah and this is very simular, they also tell you the do's and don'ts for your body shape which is so helpful.

This is the first of 3 sets of images I shot for upcoming posts so expect more reviews shortly!

Photo Credits - Lucky & Rice


  1. Love the neck line, this is really a beautiful dress. Looks va-va-VOOOM gooood on you!

  2. Hi Teer - how tall are you? I am quite tall and like skirts and dresses that fall just below the knee. This dress is a flattering length on you.

  3. Hi Marnie, I'm 5'8 I will start a stats section on this blog to help people know exactly how it fits me.

  4. This looks amazing on you! I think you could make a potato sack look divine.

  5. Thanks honey, hey if a client wanted me to model a potato sack I'd try my hardest to rock it! :P

  6. Gorgeous!! Would this be too much for me to wear as a mother of the groom? I think not. : )
    What sort of bra would one wear with this neckline, and would you mind sharing your measurements?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Edit due to a typo :P

    Hell Yes!!!! a mother of the groom can be sexy!

    I did not wear the right bra underneath this as i did not have it on for long but It can accommodate anything depending on how far you have it off the shoulder.

    My measurements are actually written at the top of the page under the about me/website area under the heading STATS.


  9. Oh my goodness, what an amazing dress! You look gorgeous!

  10. You look gorgeous. As always!