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Monday, March 29, 2010

Best Jeans!

So I was in City Chic today and tried on the BEST fitting jeans I've ever slipped into.

Black great skinny leg and a really good waist line a little bit of bling on the front and back pockets to make you feel extra swish. What girl does not want a bit of sequin action?

I've found them online though when i get them I'll post a picture of me wearing to show you just how well they fit! I also want the Biker skinny jeans but they are sold out in my size :(

Sexy Sequin Skinny Jeans - AU$89.95


  1. Oh Dear God that store is amazing!! In NZ, the only stores like this are for 'old ladies' - all the clothes are completely square, have some atrocious patterns, and are all priced at about NZD$150 a piece!! I am not paying that much for ridiculous clothes!! This store is totally amazing :)

  2. No one wants nana clothes! We are young and curvy damn it!!! They have some fantastic stuff on there and I'm taking advantage of the 20% off online sale this weekend!

  3. I suck at jeans. My butt and curves need a custom design I think. I shall check these out though!

    Great blog