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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Sugar Stitch Clothing

There's been a brand popping up on my IG feed that I'm currently obsessed with! The perfect mix of pinup, spooky vibe and amazing comfy fits.  I'd like to introduce you to Sugar Stitch Clothing.

This US-based label is plus size and straight size friendly with a selection of dresses, rompers, pants, tops and more that will honestly have you drooling. If you are looking for darker gothic and retro wardrobe staples then look no further. Sugar Stitch focuses on amazing fabrics, stretchy fits and all-day comfort. Creating bold closet classics you'll keep forever and all at an affordable price! I'm wearing each style in a 2XL and I'll let you know all the ins and outs fit-wise throughout this review.

From the moment I saw this maxi dress, I knew it had to be mine. Featuring a stunning dark wine floral instantly made me swoon and the 70s bishop sleeves this piece is very 70's and very much my vibe right now. A rear zip and button-up front make this the easiest to throw-on dress I own and it's so comfy you'll think you're out in your PJs. This PJ's level of comfort is due to the stretch in the fabrics and all pieces are honestly this comfy. 

I'm wearing this in the 2XL and it is a really good fit but my bust was a little over the size chart. Nothing that a tiny amount of hand sewing won't fix though as I tend to sew my buttons shut on pieces such as this. 

The colour and print are so unique and I really adore this maxi. Plus the most important factor that we all need - it has pockets!!!! Comfort and pockets are so vital to the perfect core wardrobe staples. 

Give me a black maxi with a statement sleeve and I will wear it to death! Honestly, I live in them all year round and I'm always adding to my collection. The Annabelle is my newest addition and is a brilliantly dramatic 70s maxi with so many amazing features. 

Built-in choker neckline so no need for accessories, bold adjustable sleeves with drawstrings so you can wear them open or closed (two sleeve styles in one dress!!), pockets and a faux wrap bust line. All combine to make one of the best maxis I've ever worn.

The fit is phenomenal with my bust, hips and waist all comfy and those sleeves available to be swooshed! I get very Stevie Nicks when I wear something like this and I can't get enough of the entire vibe. 

The eight of this fabric is perfect for all-year-round wear but I'm really keen to pair this with knee-high boots and play with the sleeve ties for a very retro twist on my current winter wardrobe. 

Each and everything from this label makes me feel very me if that makes sense and I just love that! Everything fits my curves and really embodies what I want to look like! I've found my new favourite label!

The Alexis bellbottom pants were the first ever piece I saw from Sugar Stich and the entire vibe for the shoot was themed around these right stretch velvet pants.

I've been hunting for the perfect pair of bellbottoms for years and the shape of these babies mixed with the curves high waist, bold rear zipper and super wide bellbottom made these a must-have. The sheer pop of colour they add is amazing! They are brighter and so much more rich and lush in real life as well.

The softness of the fabric and the fit means I'm super comfy in these all day and I've actually been wearing them while writing this. So anything from sitting at your desk to shopping, work etc you will be comfy all day long. The 2XL has just the right amount of stretchy and shape to really elongate your legs as well. 

I've paired this with a bold spiderweb top from Vixen and I love the spooky chic vibes it's giving off. I've got two more pairs of high-waisted pants from this label as well so be sure to look out for them in an upcoming post.

I could not end this post without a booty picture and as you can see the high waist and bold zip really make your toosh pop! I honestly can't get enough of every single piece from this label and can't wait to live in their fashion for life!

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