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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

A Formal Affair

I was recently drawn to two sparking pieces from City Chic and I noticed instantly that they both represented two very different parts of my styling personality. One uber femme with soft shades and princess vibes, while the other, is super sleek suiting with a little bit more masculine vibes. This instantly me want to share just how easy it is to create a formal look no matter what your style might be. 

I did not expect to fall as head over heels in love with the Ariel as much as I did but we are not officially attached at the hip and need to attend a ball. This piece instantly made me envision Drew Barrymore in Ever After and I took that inspiration and ran with it.

 Looking at the piece and the description I originally went for my normal 16/S but the bust was proving to be the issue. The zip stopped at my waist and I was gutted. But with an easy return/exchange policy, I changed this for the 18/M and it's a perfect fit! No bra or shapewear is needed! 

The 18 fits firmly but after an hour or so in this dress, it had already molded to my shape. There is little to no stretch in this fabric so be sure of your measurements when you order. This piece is also fully lined and structured with some boning so this means less movement or wiggle room.

Styling simply with rose gold accessories as this soft gold shade is the main attraction. Size wise I was not 100% sure off right off the bat. The colour means any shade of gold works perfectly and luckily I had these in my collection from another shoot.

This is the kind of piece that makes you feel like a million dollars and I can't wait until I have the right occasion to wear this! 

Shoes - Thrifted

For my next look, I wanted to create a suit but I was not 100% feeling any of the blazers online. Then I stumbled across the Eve dress and knew I could rock this in so many ways. 

A blazer-style mini wiggle dress that is AMAZING! Bold sparklines, contrasting satin lapel, and a faux double-breasted style front. Now this piece is adorable on its own with a killer pair of heels but I loved the idea of creating a full suit with this piece. 

Pearing the Harley highwaisted skinny hean with this mini makes a sleek and sexy suit! I'm wearing the Eva in a size 18/M as I was not sure if it was going to be fully lined and nonstretchy. Turns out that I can get his piece on over my head without even needing to unzip! The 18 fits with room to move and I actually love that more than my usual size as the fabric can cling in places unwanted.

The jeans are super high-waisted as well so they smooth out your curves and fit like a dream. I wear both 16 and 18 in jeans from City Chic depending on the fabric and fit. 

I just adore these images and the looks we created! I hope to style these again for events and maybe take this little black sparkled mini for a run on the dancefloor soon! 

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