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Sunday, May 7, 2023

The Love Witch

Every year I get the chance to add another stunning Mansfield Cardigan to my collection and every year I fall in love all over again with this stunning creation. 

While I'm a huge fan of this cardigan to begin with there is something so very me about the newest edition in full gothic glory. This classic black version of the iconic Mansfield is offset with a bold ruby-red bow and buttons. 

These bright pops of read make this piece PERFECT! From my early goth years of a half red/black fringe, this cardigan really calls to me! So easy to wear, and simple to stye and the look is pinup gothic perfection.

I'm wearing my normal 18 in this piece and I love the fit. The knit is soft and stretchy, hugging to all your curves. I like to leave the top button open for all my Mademoiselle X cardigans as I love the extra cleavage as well. This has sold out in all but size 8 but a little birdy tells me we might get a restock later in the year. 

Created within the Love Witch collection is noir cardigan is my new go-to for layering as the chilly weather starts to roll in. This collection features stunning fushia floral prints and a bold solid fushia button-up cardigan with contrasting black buttons. But the classic black version has my heart. 

I adore the trimmed with a softly gathered, tiered flounce and how delicately if flows around the bust. The long sleeves are perfect for winter and the fit - well as you can see it's PERFECT yet again. 

I';m wearing this in the 18 and I found the fit a little firmer than the Mansfield for this one. I've also got my eye on the Love Witch Cardigan or Sweater and I think for that print I'd size up to a 20 so my giant chest would not warp the print in any way.

Clearly, I'm rather addicted to these pieces and I need to get my paws on the Love Witch floral asap. If you love this stunning flounced piece hurry as it's about to sell out! 

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