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Thursday, January 5, 2023


Late last year I fell in love with the faux leather corset top that was released by Blackmilk but I was not 100% sure I could pull it off. With a very large bust, I'd not be able to hide a bra beneath and I was on the fence for a few weeks until........


...... light bulb moment occurred! I've been wearing Blackmilks corset-style belts and this is very much an extended-length version! So why not layer it up? Then my ultimate outfit was born. I don't think I've ever worn a look so 'Me' before this and I can't get enough of these pieces together and on their own.

I'm wearing both of these pieces in my usual Blackmilk size XL and the fit is pure magic. The toastie skater dress is so comfortable and the perfect shape for my curves. This is one of those styles I have in multiple prints as it's so effortlessly easy to wear and style. 

The print is an almost neon purple serpent on a black background and it's iconic. The shape and scales of the reptile really pop.

For the corset top, I was going to go for an XXL but the XL is a perfect fit due to the rear zip and adjustable lacing. As you can see it forms perfectly to your bust and waist and look amazing. This piece is so versatile and will be worn on its own as a statement peice (I'm looking your way high waisted wide leg pants) and over dresses and tops.

I can't wait to style this with all of my Blackmilk skaters and maxi dresses plus lots of other pieces within my collection.

What would you pair this corset top with? Let me know in the comments. 

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