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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Read Between the Lines

What's new this week at Blackmilk? Only some of my favourite pieces! Stunning prints that will make your dark little heart swoon. for the Reading Between the Lines release, I've chosen a few items that I've either owned the print or shape of to add to my already huge collection. 

I feel in love with this skeletal snake print many moons ago in a cuffed pants style. So bold and dark with a print that really pops out at you. So from the moment, I saw this stretch velvet skater it had to be all mine. 

Just look at how strong that print is!! The fabric is stretchy yet super firm in all the right places. With a soft velvet fabric and long sleeves, this is an ultimate winter warming skater. I'm usually one to order a long line skater from BlackMilk but this style actually hits my just under the toosh and I love the length. I'm wearing my usual XL and as always it's really a perfect fit

Now, what shoes do you pair with a dark and moody print like this? Demonia's of course!! Only an hour earlier I was visiting Tibbs and Bones to snap up these amazing Wide Calf Demonia Boots


Have you had a chance to visit their amazing and inspiring store yet? I swear walking in here is like a giant rainbow hug and I LOVE it! My husband and I got lots of adorable little accessories as well and will be back for more asap. So if you are near Chapel St be sure to swing by. 

Now given the very lush fabric of the stretch velvet I needed to pair this dress with something that would really pop and stand on its own. The Camel-300WC thigh-high boots are the perfect style to complete this look

Now I don't have really plus-size calves just bigger than most standard boots (all of which are always too freaking small) but my thighs are rather thick. These babies zip up straight out of the box and fit like a dream

Camels are one of my stand-out favourite base from Demonia and I just love how might height you yet they are so comfy and easy to walk in. I wear a 10US in Demonia and I find they fit perfectly with an Australian 10. 

Tibbs and Bones have a huge selection both instore and online and you'll be spoilt for choice! I've currently got my eye on a pair of batty Camel mary janes in matte black and I need to save my dollars for them!

I'm usually not one to gravitate to a sleeveless maxi dress but there is something so magical about the Brer Rabbet dress in Pewter. A stunning shimmering maxi with the most divine folklore-style rabbit print. The mix of pewter and black in this fabric makes it reflect light in the most beautiful way and I'm loving this so much more on me than I thought possible.

I'vĂ© paired this with one of my most adored Killstar chain belts and I love how well they work together. 

Now as you know I'm pretty darn busty but the XL still accommodates me due to the v-neckline. I can't wait to layer this with body suits or just wear it to the beach this summer in full goth mode.


If this shape ever comes out in more fabrics I'll most definitely be adding them to my lust list. It's so flattering, comfy, and suits my measurements perfectly. 

As I said just moments ago I really do get my paws on every version I can of a style that really rocks on my body.  A few months ago I shot and reviewed the black Dead Dancer and I was instantly obsessed. The glove-like sleeves, deep curved neckline, and hood really make this piece pop. 

But what I think I love most about this piece is the skirt. The flowing fabric and high low hem make this such a statement piece and I twirl and dance about when wearing it as you can see. 

The thigh-high Demonias pair perfectly with this piece and for a little extra shaping and styling I added the Route 66 Corset belt

This belt works with just about every dress in my collection and I must get my hands on a few more versions and colours. 


What's your favourite look from this set? Do you want just one or will you snap up all 3?

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