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Monday, January 24, 2022

Turning A New Leaf

Today Blackmilk Clothing have released the Turning A New Leaf range and I wanted to share my 3 stand out pieces with you. It's fair to say that Blackmilk is perfect for curves but I wanted to show you just how fabulous styles look on a size 18 and busty shape. 

The Rio Dress has been a got to summer style for me as I adore the adjustable bust, cheeky cutouts and the perfect sleeves. So when I discovered the playsuit version it was obviously a must have. It lives up to the hype and then some with the most divine and silk soft fabric and a stunning deep-sea print. 


I'm wearing the playsuit in my usual XL and the fit is AMAZING! Enough room to really feel comfortable while still flattering my shape and skimming over my personal problem areas. I've already worn this twice now and can't get enough of it. Please Blackmilk bring this out in lots of prints and single colours!

Black base florals are forever making me swoon and the midi style tea party dress combined with this print is pretty magical. I'm obsessed with the design of the Tea Party dress as you can adjust this to your waist and bust size with the ruched bodice and drawstring combo. So if you're torso is long you can leave adjust it, if you've got a shorter torso - yes you can change the fit! 

It's absolutely genius and the sweetheart neckline and puffy sleeve really makes this the perfect little summer number for any busty plus-size lass. I've pulled the drawstring rather tight as I really wanted to show off the waistline and it looks and feels divine. 

I'm wearing this in the XL and the fit is great with enough give to comfortable fit my waist, arms and bust without any print issues.

I could not limit myself to just one Tea Party Dress obviously and needed to get my paws on the mini all-black version. Again the fit is phenomenal but with a shorter and more cheeky length. 

In classic black, this is my new go to summer goth LBD and when paired with a chunk belt this really does give the dress a whole new vibe. 

Now the sheerness in the all-black sleeve is much more visible so be sure to wear items you don't mind showing off beneath! 

Seriously Blackmilk how do you make me feel darn good with each and every release? 

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