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Monday, October 25, 2021

Playsuits and Swings

I swear there is nothing more in this world than a new Vixen order!! What's even better? When my favourite local stockist Natasha Marie Clothing has some of my most wanted pieces in stock and I get them super fast.

I've been eyeing this playsuit off for a while now but I was not 100% sure if I could pull it off! With all my curves, lumps and bumps you never know how an all in one piece will work. 

Well, last week when this piece arrived at my doorstep my fears instantly went out the window and I fell deeply in love. This playsuit is PERFECTION. The iconic and most loved Vacation style bodice and sleeve from the Vixen range forms itself into the most comfortable and cute playsuit ever created. 

I'm wearing this in a 2XL and the fit is just as perfect as the dress and tops I own in this exact design. The thicker waist belt is perfect and I'm already planning a million different ways to style this all year round. 

The rear zip is super easy to get on and off and yes there are pockets! You'll be living in this romper! 

I could not shoot a romper without showing off the toosh and that might be one of my favourite design features. The short length is really flattering and you'll won't have any cheek popping out. 

On its own or paired with stockings, tights etc this playsuit is going to be so fun to wear! Now I need to order the lace decadence version. 

As a fan and model for the Vixen label from the very start, one of my all-time favourite pieces has to be the Vixen Dress. I loved my black Vixen dress that much I wore it to literal death. Luckily Micheline tweaked this perfect little swing dress and created 3 new colours options. 

What's new you ask? New fabric with lots of stretch and a new and improved sleeve that's easily worn up or off the shoulder. 

Super flattering, figure-hugging and just amazing the Vixen Dress is a must have for your summer wardrobe. I love this style so much I own all 3 versions and I'll be wearing these on rotation constantly. This is the 2XL and there is lots of stretch so if you are between sizes you can go one full size down with ease. 

I can't get enough of both of these pieces and love that with a hop, skip and jump I can get my paws on the best of the best Vixen by Micheline Pitt items within Australia. 

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