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Friday, August 6, 2021

My Skin Must Haves

 Recently I've been putting a little more effort into taking care of my skin. One could say I have an obsession with getting the right product that suits me, help with the signs of aging and leave feeling amazing! So I thought I'd share my must-haves with you. 

TARTE - Sea Drink Of H₂O Hydrating Boost Moisturizer

I've never had a moisturizer that makes my face feel so soft and smooth all day until I tried this amazing creation. Ultra-hydrating but does not leave the skin oily or wet. I originally received a sample pot of this from Sephora which lasted me 2 weeks (a little goes a long, long way) and I instantly ordered it!

With a hydrating primer smoothing like finish, this is my daily go-to and a new favourite part of my routine. I currently have the 100ml pot and I feel like this will last me a long time. 

YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask

I've always dreamed of a product that you can apply at bedtime then wake up feeling freaking amazing! I've finally found it with the Dream Mask! So easy to use as you just apply an even layer and go to sleep - so simple. Then you'll wake with super soft and supple skin in the morning. That good you'll not be able to stop touching your face. I've even convinced my husband to join in this routine nightly and we've just ordered the Glow to Sleep Skincare Set to try the eye cream. 


I've never had some much fun with a product before!! I've been a fan of all things Peter Thomas Roth for a while now until I got a sample of this peeling gel I never knew how awesome and fun it could be. So this gel goes onto your skin dry and you move your fingertips in a circular motion to work the product deep into your skin. Then you'll notice dead skin, dirt and all those yucky bits will form into little balls on the palm of your hands! It's gross and cool at the same time! While that state you should use it twice a day I've been going by the recommendations written on the product of 3 times per week. It's minimised my poors, is cleaning my nose blackheads and really leaves my face super smooth.

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