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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Bratz Doll Inspiration

I had a sneaky little shoot last week to highlight two of my newest loves from Blackmilk! Two totally different dresses with so much fit and flare action it will blow your mind!!

As someone mentioned to me last week I'm usually not a floral style person in my daily casual wear choices but there is something so deelish about the fit and feel of the Short Tea dress from Blackmilk.

All those ruffles, layers, and the most perfect amount of stretch make this little mini dress curve-hugging and so flattering. I'm wearing my usual XL and the fit is perfection. I've also dropped a little weight as of recently so it's even more perfectly figure hugging.

My original plan was to pair this perfect spring frock with winter accessories but my end look was totally 90's and a little bit Bratz Doll and I have to admit it I'm loving the whole vibe. I've paired this daisy clovered dress with my latest purchase from my store the Camel-311 and holy hell am I in love. Think a 70's inspired chunky platform boot mixed with the warmth of a pair of ugg boots. 

I knew these were a Demonia fan fave but not until I worked here did I really see how fast they fly out the door. I'm a size 10AU and I'm wearing these in a 10US. 

I really adore the sleeve length and the bust of this style. While I'm usually worried about showing too much arm this really compliments that usually hidden area. 

I honestly feel like this style is made for my body shape and I can't wait to wear it throughout every season. 

How have I been shopping at Blackmilk for this long and this is my first Evil Tee style? I'm really worried I've missed on on some of the best prints and fabrics as I've never thought this would really suit me - holy hell I was wrong though! 

A fleece-lined, super warm, and absolutely divine little mini dress that will keep you looking cute this winter/spring. 

A short fitted sleeve, high neckline, and flared skirt make this mini really rock on my curves and the moon phases print brings even more shape and dimension. 

I'm wearing this in the XL and it's a firm fit but there are no issues with the print warping etc. I love that it's more fitted as it really emphasises my shape.

How brilliant is this print close-up? I'm usually worried with my chest that a high neckline and lots of details might make my boobs look giant but this really does flatter. 

I've got one more sneaky pair of leggings to shoot this weekend so look out for my next Blackmilk post and check their website for the next Barbie release! Due to hit next week!

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