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Sunday, May 9, 2021


Have you snapped up any of the latest Erstwilder release? The epic Dinosauria collection went live this week with some of the coolest pieces I've ever seen.

Dino Skulls for the absolute win! T-Rex skulls are iconic and Erstwilder have perfected the art of creating resin bones and the sharpest of teeth. Carefully constructed, complete with hand painted detail - it's everything I love in one piece.

Plus with the matching drop earrings this is the perfect set for any Dino fan. 

I honestly never knew I needed these two pieces until now and I'll be wearing them to death. 

Ahhhh my first Pterodactyl accessory! Please excuse my super daggy excitement levels but holy hell this piece is amazing. Shown soaring through the sky this piece has multiple different textured resins to create a truly magical piece. 


I love the feel of this little lady and how strong and stunning she is. Jay and I actually argued about this piece. He was so sure it's two but I'm still sticking to one dino and a shadow! 

Oh my gosh this piece sold out instantly!!! When I first saw the this piece I instantly though Jurassic Park goes Priscilla Queen of the Desert. The strong double crest has glitter, multiple textures and the most beautiful mixtures of reds.


Combined with the green tones and those epic teeth this piece really packs a punch and is an amazing statement brooch. 


You also might have noticed the stunning copper locks I'm wearing for this shoot. I've become a huge fan of Annabelle's Wigs and specifially these super retro Betty style mixture of bangs and lush curls. This style is the Vida  and instantly it's a perfect fit with the best faux fringe I've ever worn. I can't wait to keep styling this with berets and headbands for future shoots. I'm that smitten with the style that I recently ordered a pink version and will continue to add more to by collection. 

We also got spoilt with the essentials this release and I'm loving each and every piece. 

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