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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Candy Canes and Christmas Bows

Bed Of Roses Blouse 

Beth 50's Skirt 

I knew that my future would be full of many stunning Hell Bunny blouses after my first try. The flowing fabrics, stunning fit and those sheering on the sleeves makes for a perfect fit without any restriction. 

The bed of roses print is absolutely stunning. Full of rich green and maroon tones and stunning floral detailing, almost a gothic style floral. 

This style is sheer but you can wear it with or without opting to show off a cage bra underneath if you want make it shine. I love a little bit of lace popping through so I've gone cami less.

I adore the peter pan collar and black glitter ribbon bow features as well and the tie is easily removable to you can wear this piece fully buttoned on open. 

With the dark floral print I would usually choose to style this with a solid black skirt but I wanted to go with a full Christmas theme and luckily the Beth skirt is the print of the season. A dark forest green base covered in adorable candy canes and bows. All tied together with a rich red velvet waist belt! 

I love how perfectly these prints pair together and with a few accessories I've created a super sweet festive look, perfect for our Aussie summer. 

Size wise these are both a 3XL. The skirt is perfect as I find most of the limited stretch items are a bit too firm on the waist and the blouse I could easily size down. I'm still learning which styles suit me and in what size but with the blouse it's easy to tailor it to be smaller at the waist. 

We also finally got the most perfect backdrops for our little home studio! I'll be ordering more backdrops when I have the funds so with our full lighting system we can shoot rain, hail or shine! If anyone needs any look book or accessories work done please feel free to get in touch. 

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  1. You look like a doll. So cute and adorable. Thanks for sharing this article.