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Sunday, November 8, 2020


This year has been hard but embracing and celebrating holiday and festive seasons has really helped us push on through. This year BlackMilk Clothing have released as stunning Unwrapped collection of festive prints both adorable and a little spooky. 

So I've donned my Christmas themed pieces and styled up my stand out favourite's from this release.

Now I've been eyeing off BlackMilk playsuits for a while now and after the success of both a bodysuit and the push shorts I felt it was time to finally bite the bullet and order one! The Nice List slinky playsuit is super light, flowing and really lovely to wear little number. 

I'm wearing this piece in an XL and it's a little tighter an shorter than I'd expect but with a pair of hips like mine and this toosh I was bound to shorten it a little. It's so unbelievably comfortable though and I can see me lounging around on Christmas Day in this piece as it's always stinking hot in Melbourne on the day. 

The playsuit comes with a matching sash belt which really makes your waist pop. The slowing kimono like sleeves are really comfortable and drape with ease. It also rocks from behind and shows just how cute the stockings look when paired with this floaty little number.

My only issue with this piece was the fear of getting into it. A play-suit without any zips is new to me but I honestly love how easy it was to wiggle into. 

The print is festive is really adorable in a mixture of red and pale blue, a really different take on the token Xmas colour palette. I've gone simple with this style and paired my new Miz Smitten Kitten lock heart earrings and the red sporty stripe stockings. My go to and only stockings all year round. One size fits all and the perfect little details. I also snapped these up in forest green.

There are a few styles from BlackMilk that I'm addicted to but one of my most loved dresses has to be the Long Sleeve Evil Longline. It's the perfect full coverage dress that hugs your curves in all the right places.

With a high neckline, super long sleeves and a skirt that hits just at your knees this is the perfect style for work or play. I'm wearing the XL and there is no warping of the the print or any issues - it's a perfect fit! 

Whenever I see myself in this style I always feel like I've shrunk a size! It's that flattering! 

Now lets chat about print! This 'Naughty' List print is full of spookiness mixed with Christmas. From bats, dead tress, rib cages, snowflakes, moons, birds, coffins and more! You'll be mesmerized with these little details, this print is spooky and adorable!

I did not want to go too overboard with styling for these two cute pieces so for the Evil long-line I opted going for a satanic spin. Giant red earrings and my Killstar belt which honestly got lost in the print. 

I can't wait to take these both out for a spin closer to Christmas! 

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