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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Twilight Magic

 Time for more Hell Bunny goodness!! Last week 4 new pieces arrived in the mail so with my newly darkened it was time to shoot up a storm. Sneaking in something spooky, something witchy and an adorable woodland look. 

Vixey Dress - £38.99

An adorable fox print? Check! Contranting collar and bow? Check! Figure flatting shape - CHECK!! The Vixey Dress is an absolutely adorable little woodland inspired piece. Featuring all of those essential details and I love and need in a Spring/Summer Dress. 

Super lightweight, soft and effortless this piece is both super cute while really making your curves pop. Due to 2XL's selling out I'm actually wearing the 3XL in this style. I did not have to unzip this piece as it's a full size larger than I'd usually wear but I'm actually digging the extra boobie room. 

I absolutely adore this style but the arms have no give and it's rather restricting at times. I'd love to see the sleeves of the blouse added to this style so it's stretchy and more comfortable. The elasticated sleeve is such a comfy option and works perfectly for those with chunkier upper arms.

This print is so perfect with the green base and I can't go past a foxy print, accessory or anything else. 

Kennedy Skirt - £37.99

Ready for some bright mixed prints? I don't exactly know what my inspiration was for this look but once on I was instantly in love. I've been lusting after the sweetheart neckline of the Warlock top for a while in neon green. The bold green and black stripes called to me and I'm in love with the fit.

I'm wearing the 2XL and it's perfection! Stretchy yet firm to hold your curves in tight. This style is a ends just at the top of my his and is perfect for tucking into skirts or pants. The green shade really does pop and I'm loving how it pairs with the purple.

Let's chat about the stunner that is the Kennedy Swing Skirt! Such an amazing purple tartan that fits so effortlessly and perfectly. A classic style with a bright modern colour twist. 

Now be sure to double check your waist measurements as this has absolutely no stretch. I find that with most HB skirts the waistband's have no give. 

Accessory wise I wanted to use a black belt to break up each print and I've gone for my current favourite the Killstar faux leather belt. It's so versatile and with each wear I can add or take off chains etc. My headband in glittery purple perfection is from Catch A Thief. 

Now right off the bat let me say that this style is freaking amazing but sadly it fights a battle with my boobies that I cannot win. I wanted this to work so much but the only option is to go braless and it can flatten them way too much. 

That print, those sleeves - it's heavenly but my chest in the 2XL just won't work! This is a polyester no stretch fabric so there is no give and the dress is also fully lined which always tends to restrict fit.  

I'm crushed and I would have lived in this piece but I'll be sure to pass it on to someone less busty and go for the 3XL to endure my chest has ample room. 

But I had to show just how it would look and I'm inspired to size up if only for that super stunning print. 

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