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Monday, October 5, 2020

I Eat Flies

As an avid fan of all things Venus Fly Trap orientated I'm absolutely obsessed with the I Eat Flies print from BlackMilk Clothing. The original print was bold, bright and brilliant and for this latest release we've been treated to jewel toned violet burnt velvet version in 3 pieces. 



Killstar Aviana Belt - $44.95

I knew from the moment I saw this bright purple pint I needed to own it but with the option of leggings, a bodysuit or dress which was the most 'Me'? I settled on the bodysuit as I've had lots of success with BlackMilks bodies and I love the neckline and long sleeve. 

I was also thinking in advance as I knew this bodysuit would pair perfectly with all 4 of my Show Us Ya Tops dresses. I ordered my usual size of an XL, and it's super stretchy, soft and amazingly comfortable. It's also a perfect fit and long enough for my torso - I tend to have issues with more modern bodysuits as they are high cut but this one is really flattering and perfectly shaped.

I've styled this with my PVC under bust dress as I really wanted it to pop. I was originally going to go for an all purple look but I much rather the black PVC contrast with this piece. I've also accessorized with my beloved Killstar Aviana belt, minus the tassels. I love that this belt can be styled in multiple ways. 

Now this piece is super sheer and your bra will show but that's the fun of this piece! Bra wise I went with a similar purple/plum tone to compliment this fabric. But a bold black bra with cage straps would also look amazing beneath. 

I honestly can't get enough of this look and can't wait to wear it out once we open back up! 


Jewelry wise I kept it sleek and simple with these amazing drop earrings from Deluxe Creations and Designs. The glittering black resin and bold silver cross are the perfect match of pinup and goth.

Not feeling the bodysuit? Well there are multiple options available from this release and the previous multi colour version. I'm loving the leggings and think I'll snap them up for next winter. I love a bold burnt velvet print and that pop of colour paired with a classic black skater will be amazing. 

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