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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Claudette and Wednesday

Now it might be that spooky time of the year but my aim this Halloween was to add garments to my collection that can be styled throughout the year. I'm forever spooky in some way so why not dress like every day is a Halloween celebration. 

I knew from the moment that this dress was in the design stages it had to be on my body ASAP. The bold black and orange stripes, lace detailing and that amazing bust - it's made for curves! 

A super stretchy A-line style dress that flows beautifully over your hips and hits just at the knee - I'm 5'7 for reference. This style has a 3/4 length sleeve which is my absolute favourite sleeve and the lace trimming on the sleeve, neckline and skirt really make this piece pop.

I'm wearing the Wednesday dress in a 2XL and the fit is perfect for my body shape. It compliments but bust while thinning my waist and sliding over my wide hips. There is heaps of stretch in this fabric so if you are in-between sizes you can always go down one. 

Now let's talk about that lace trim? It's the cherry on top of this stunning halloween themed piece. The slightly gathered bust area makes your boobies look absolutely amazing, and the lace adds that soft and delicate touch. 

I think what I love most about Wax Poetic Clothing has to be the attention to detail when it comes to dressing all shapes and sizes and the choice of amazing fabrics. Whenever I receive an WP order I'm always instantly in love with the soft fabrics and can't wait to get them on my body. That's what shopping should be like! Excited for both style and comfort. 

I honestly can't get enough of this little dress and can't wait to wear it all year round! With cute sandals in summer and layered with tights and thigh high boots in the cooler months.

Now for a little black dress with a twist. A flowering layered burntout velvet Damask fabric adorns this super light weight and adorable frock. The layers full show off that amazing burn in print and add an extra texture to this unique LBD.

Now not only do I adore the layered look but the elasticated waistline on this piece really does make your curves pop. I was going to style this with a belt but it really does not need anything!!

Again I'm wearing the 2XL and the fit is generous and roomy. The fully adjustable straps means you can adjust the fit to your own bust and that little peekaboo keyhole in the middle shows an extra bit of cleavage. 

I've styled this piece as I'd wear it daily with a bright pop of colour. Sticking with my favourite Halloween colours a deep violet was my choice and I love how the textures pair together. I'll be wearing this one like crazy all summer long I think! 

Lastly what might be the coolest necklace I've ever worn! I was going to go into detail about this piece but the creator has captured it so perfectly so : 

Each piece was lovingly and painstakingly hand painted and assembled. This necklace was inspired by the 1960 Cadillac Superior Hearse, and our version comes complete with purple curtains, a “just buried” banner, and a spiderweb-adorned license plate. Only 60 pieces were made, and each one is stamped and numbered. A true collectors item for every macabre vintage car loving ghoul! 

Just look at that detail! It's mind-blowingly perfect!! All those spooky little details make my little ghoulish heart sing! As each piece is numbered, I was lucky enough to get my hands on number 42. The nerd in me is very pleased. 

With a fully adjustable chain, you can wear this piece high or low. When paired with a plunging neckline I wear this rather short but for high necked tops I'll be lowering the chain and making it a full blow statement piece.

To end this post I had to sneak in a few of my props from around the house. My obsession this year is to get as many different pumpkins and 'Jack-o'-lanterns as possible. 

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