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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Here Kitty, Kitty

When the Miss Kitty range was released I made my initial order but I was silly enough to not add this this stunning swing to my cart. So when a little more spare cash was freed up I instantly went back and snapped up this AMAZING style and one more dress. 

The Miss Kitty Swing is the black swing of your dreams. Complete with 3/4 length sleeves, adjustable lace neckline and the deepest pockets I've ever owned. Created from a super stretchy fabric that's soft yet holds you in firmly. This fabric is really stretchy so I'm actually wearing the XL not my usual 2XL. 

This dress is absolutely perfect for super busty girls and you can lace the bust area as tight or loose as you may desire. Me, I always love epic boobie looks so I've gone for lots of skin showing. 

I've worn this twice already and it's so simple to style and comfortable. I'm now regretting not getting the black and white stripe version so I'll be back ordering that ASAP! 

Styling wise I've gone dark and witchy with a hint of silver. Wearing the classic Vixen silver hoops studs and my Restyl Wide Brim Hat. This look is dark, chic and absolutely effortless so it's bound to be one of my go to outfits over winter. The Miss Kitty Swing also looks amazing when paired with lace up boots and stockings so let your creativity fly and add pops of colour or prints to your pins. 

Now for one of the most fantastic dresses ever - the Vacation Dress! If I find a style I love I'll buy each and every version and wear it all week round. So after adding a black and maroon version of this stunning style to my wardrobe I snapped up the Olive. 

I've already reviewed this exact dress style on an earlier post this year and it still remains one of the best fitting pieces in my collection. I'm wearing the XL in this style and it's SPOT ON! Super fitted and flattering, making my curves really pop. The belt however is too small for my waist so be sure to look at the maximum measurement at the waist before sizing down. I'm usually a 2XL and the belt is definitely for a XL.

The olive shade is perfect for my hair colour but I was instantly not 100% sold on the colour. I'm not sure if it's too dark or the wrong end of the green spectrum for my taste so I've sold this onward and ordered Starlet swing in the new shade. 

It's such a stunning style and now available in a top version in a beautiful selection of colours so if you've not snapped up one yet you're missing out. 

A little side note - I received my latest order of the Vacation pants in a 2XL and they did not work for me sadly. If you have bigger hips and a tummy then I highly advice sizing up.


  1. I was actually thinking of getting the vacation pants in floral print, but I'm worried now they won't fit on me comfortably! I'm also getting the coral vacation dress, it's now been 10 weeks since they we're shipped! I've been tracking my dress and looks like I should receive it real soon!!

    1. Oh honey I've had even longer than that with shipping. The limited amount of flights just slows post down but it's well worth it.