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Monday, August 10, 2020

Brastop - Curvy Kate Feature

One of my all time favourite places to shop for lingerie is and always will be Brastop. Every few months I order some stunning pieces and pair them robes and corsets from my collection. With a huge range, amazing size variety and some of the best large cup catering companies Brastop is now my go to bra store!

My latest order got stuck in slow paced world of international shipping but working in that industry myself I know just how limited international flights are right now. So when these perfect pieces popped up I found some amazing Orchard Corsets to match and shot like crazy!  
Matching briefs
Orchard Corset Red PVC Longline Underbust 426

It's finally time that I try a variety of styles from Curvy Kate and some colour! I adore black lingerie but every now and then you need that bright poo of colour to cheer you up. From the moment I saw the Top Spot style in classic white I was instantly in lust with the sheer/polka dot combination. 

So once I laid eyes on the bright cobalt blue version, it had to be mine. This piece is perfection with the right combination of sheer and covered sections on each cup. The bright blue shade is absolutely divine, and I love how it pairs with my ruby red PVC corset. 

I'm wearing this style in a 36J as the up fits smaller than usual and it's a really comfortable and lovely fitting piece. The matching bottoms sit comfortably on my hips, and I wear these in a size 18 as per usual. 

Now let's chat about my new underbust corset!! I recently received two stunning new longline corsets as they are perfect for my natural shape. I adore my black PVC Orchard Corset, so I wanted to add a red version to my collection. This bright red and blue combo was a match made in heaven. I wear this style corset in the size 30. 

I feel like Wonder Woman in this look! Paired with my absolutely divine Nylon Swish Jasimine Robe in Ruby. I'm loving how each shade works together. Usually I'd not different shades of one bold colour but for this I just had to! I'm wearing the robe in an XL, and I can't wait to create something deco and stunning with this after covid. 

Curvy Kate Sparks Fly Plunge Bra
Matching Briefs 
Orchard Corset Pinstripe Longline Underbust 

Everyone needs a little shimmer and sparkle right? The Sparks Fly plunge style bra is a little bit of soft shimmer magic that absolutely sparkles in the light. 

The first release of this magical style was a black and silver sparkled fabric which sold like hotcakes and sadly I missed out but as soon as I saw this softer more delicate version I envisioned pairing it with a pinstriped corset inspired by mobster patters and colour combos of yesteryear. 

This stunning sparkle has to be seen in reality as it's pure magic. Size wise I went with my usual 36HH and I really adore the fit of this plunge style bra. I'm complete encased and supported while feeling hot as hell.  The bottoms as per usual are an 18 and I love the high waist and black detailing. 

Curvy Kate Victory Viva Pink/Black Balcony Bra 
Matching bottoms 
Orchard Corset Pinstripe Longline Underbust - Maybe can shoot without as well.

Now for something that was really to test, if it would suit me or not. I'm never 100% sure how a bra will really look on me from product shots but I loved the pink and black tones and strap detailing so I could not let this one slip by. Curvy Kate has aways been high on my list of favourites and these styles are so comfortable and cute.

I'm wearing this in a 36HH and the fit is super firm at first but really well supported. This is a very full coverage bra and the firmness of the fabric really makes everything sit perfectly. As with all new styles you will have to wear them in to get that perfect personal fit. 
It's those little details and everyday comfort in each bra set that makes me keep going back. I've been on a little robe kick lately and alongside my stunning sequin number I've also added this amazing Heartbreaker Studios room key robe to my collection. The retro styling, flounce details and colours are PERFECTION and pair perfectly with Curvy Kate. 

You might have also noticed that I'm shooting in my own little home studio. With Covid-19 lockdowns hitting us hard in Melbourne I can't pop out and shoot in my usual locations. So you'll see more and more in house studio work coming out of my blog over the next few weeks. I'm writing up a full post and will link all of the bits and pieces we use next week. 

We wanted to be able to continue to shoot and review throughout the lockdown without causing any issues and having more flexibility to shoot both day and night. Backdrop Source an Australian based photographic lighting and backdrop company was found after lots and lots of searching online. Great prices, kits and everything we could possibly need to create at home through these undefined times. 

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