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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Hop Nation

Now more than ever it's important to support local businesses through these trying times and we are doing all that we can to help the Aussie companies we love, friends' businesses and of course local breweries. For the last year or so I've been absolutely in love with Hop Nations The Damned Pilsner and then early this year I fell for The Punch, a Mango Gose. 

So when Footscray based Hop Nation announced they new hard seltzers I instantly had to get my hands on them. Luckily we could drive over and pick up our favorites and some of the new 'Ray's with contactless pickups!

'Ray' $17.00

'Ray Hard Seltzer is a brewed alcoholic sparkling water, with real fruit and no added sugar! An amazingly refreshing drink with fewer calories but still giving you a great flavour. 

Hard Seltzers are becoming a fan favourite due to the low calorie count and brilliant burst of flavour. That nearly guilt free drink you can set on all afternoon and never feel full of carbs or suffer from a sugar crash. So I've taken it upon myself to try all 3 flavours and report back to you on all the brilliance of these new arrivals. 

Why the name 'Ray? Well they are based and made in Footscray so it's a clever little play on the suburb! 

'Ray is available in 3 delicious flavorless Watermelon and Mint, Lemon and Lime and my standout favourite Peach. Each can reflects the flavour with a soft colour and simple yet elegant text. No bells and whistles needed for this drop as it's effortlessly perfect. 

Crystal clear, super refreshing and full of real fruit flavour these babies are so easy to drink you'll forget that they are actually 4.5%. The fact that these are full of natural flavours makes the real taste of each pop even more. 

I'm honestly sick of fruit imitation lolly water and all of the nasties packed within. With 'Ray I'm not worried about calories as they are lower in sugar than most of the other drops on the market. 

I've tried all 3, and my absolute favourite is Peach followed closely by the Lime and Lemon. While the Watermelon is lovely I'm just not a huge fan of melon flavours. The soft pop of flavour is like a marriage between a fruit ice tea and sparkling water - so in my opinion absolutely deelish! 

I'm keen to add even more fresh or frozen fruit into the mix in the future. 

You can snap these up at your local bottle shop, directly picked up at their Footscray brewery or order online. At $17.00 per 4 pack and a mixed case of 12 for $40, these are worth it and you get to support a locally made product at the same time! 

This was our haul once we left their shop. As you can see we could not just leave with one product so a few of my favouirtes were purchased and the new Dreamfeed for my husband.

If you've tried these please comment and give me your faves.

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