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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Art Deco

Earlier this year the stunning Art Deco Gown was released by La Femme En Noir in three stunning colours. This full length, perfectly tailored, body hugging amazing design was created by the most brilliant of mind melds - Micheline Pitt and Lynh Haaga.

Creating 1920s glam with modern fabrics and tailoring to fit all shapes and sizes.

Now I originally feel in love with this gown apon first glance but I thought not there is no chance it would suit me nor would I need it in my world. Well obviously that was a lie because as soon as I slipped into the first of 3 dresses I was blown away.

Imagine your most comfortable outfit possible, the kind that's effortless and soft, stretchy and makes you feel like you are in absolute heaven. This is how wearing the Art Deco Gown feels!

The bodice is lined in a firm ponte for support and shaping and the skirt is fully lined to hide your shapewear or underwear . Made from a  92% poly with 8% spandex and Nylon/Rayon/Spandex blend which is buttery soft and so delightful to wear.

What makes this gown so fab is the rusching details. These perfectly placed pleats make amazing shapes, hide anything in your mid section you may dislike and really make your curves pop. Paired with the deep plunging neckline you can show off all of your curves while still being covered up.

The neckline is real plunge so be sure to find a plunge bra to match or whip out some of the amazing Boobie Tape which I wear always with such a low neckline. It takes minutes to put on and you can wear it all day without any issues.

Now I was not intending to buy one of these gowns due to shortage of funds (each piece was on loan from Natasha Marie Clothing for this shoot) but after wiggling my way into the black deco it was obvious that I could not give it back. While the green and the crimson are stunning shades I really do live in all black and would get the most wear and use out of this piece.

It's such a stunning piece to swan about in and I can't wait for the world to finally return back to normal so I can have an event to wear this to! There is nothing better than wearing something so unbelievably comfortable to a big event. I wore my La Femme wrap gown to a Deco party last year and they are so effortlessly chic.

The question now is how to I stop myself from buying another colour? Because deep down I want all 3!

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