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Monday, March 30, 2020

I See Red

I've not reviewed jeans or a jumper from City Chic in a very long time but these two pieces called to me and I wanted to be brave enough to pair them together!

There is nothing I love more in the world that red plaid clothing and when I saw these pop up on the CC website they had to be mine. These skinnys are a super lite and stretchy plaid with a zip and button combo. I've worn the Harleys for years now and these sit super high which is perfect for my shape.

I'm wearing the 16/Small and they were tight at first but after a few hours and home and squats they are 100% perfect fit wise. I've even tested these in the car for an afternoon and they are so comfortable to wear and will be perfect for anything from travel, casual wear or pairing with heels and a stunning blazer for a night out.

While I've paired these with a bold printed top I also can't wait to wear these both casually and style them out for a night. Hoodies, band tees and leather for day to day weather - heels and a few more glam pieces for a night out in winter.

Next I ordered and instantly fell in love with the Lust Jumper - I feel like this one was named for me!! A super soft and slouchy jumper with a V-neckline and a really amazing fit in a 16. I'm usually not a fan of anything jumper wise but the neckline really works with my bustline and I adore the fit.

This is not a super wooly jumper so you will need to layer this piece for colder days. This also shines perfectly with all of my moto jackets and I love the pop of bright red print under my go to moto! I never thought I'd be in love with a look so bright and bold but I'm smitten!!! I can't wait to mix each piece into my winter wardrobe!

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