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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

JOMO and Dead Snakes

Last week BlackMilk Clothing released the JOMO range which is the 'Joy Of Missing Out'  - you've heard of FOMO well JOMO is not giving a care about missing out, enjoying staying at home or doing whatever you want and I absolutely love it.

This collection features a great essentials drop filled with but must have gear to dress up or down. With lots of different styles, patterns and shapes, to choose from I got my mitts on two of the prints that really stood out to me. One which will pop up in my next BlackMilk review!

I've also added a 1 pair of the cuff pants to this review as I really love the fit and wanted to show you how I style them. I've got another pair ready to be shot with an extra item I'm waiting on so be sure to check back for basic black pants.

Over the next few weeks you'll be seeing a lot of Audrey/Venus fly trap print fabrics pop up on Curves To Kill as it's been such a popular fabric choice over the last few months.
I adore this print but I wanted to really put myself out of my comfort zone and try overalls. You never know if a style really suits you until you take the plunge and I'd so glad I did for these!!!
These super stretchy and figure flattering overalls are amazing. They give my hips and chest all the room need and the big brings the attention to the small of your waist. I've only ever tried on pair of pants from BlackMilk, but I've know that the 15% Elastane within the fabric makes for lots of wiggle room and you can even size down if you are on the lower end of the XL's measurements.

For these though I love the XL fit and the adjustable straps. Easily paired with complimenting coloured bodysuits or tops I've gone for a simple long Vixen blouse with a little volume at the arm.

Dead Snake Cuffed Pants - $85.00 (sale price)
Continuing with more base products and pants you MUST HAVE the Cuff Pants in the gothtastic Dead Snake print are glorious. A bold black and white underbelly print of serpents with just enough diversity of print that they cover up any tummy area issues you may have. The longer pockets also help hide any issues you might have in that area.

The Cuff Pant style is super stylish and can be dresses up or down with ease. I've paired this with my latest Vixen PVC Moto Jacket and I love how the fabric pair together.

For these you can easily size down to the Large as they have the same 15% Elastane content and over a few hours wear loosen up a little. 

Lastly lets just take a moment to appreciated the shin of this moto. I don't think I've ever loved a piece of clothing more than this jacket!  
Be sure to check back for my essential black pants look which will be up hopefully next week. I wanted to snap my new favourite black skinnies with a very Teer style causal look, which is a little more toned down from this shoot. Plus the stunning maxi!

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