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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Bedroom Makeover - The Process

With all of my inspiration and visual references sorted it was time to put this plan into action. After discovering B2C furniture online we stat down and scrolled through both the individual pieces and the bedroom sets.

Having a colour palette right of the bat means we know the direction we want to head in and our focus is most definitely to a dark chocolate coloured bedroom set so we can add the colour in our fabrics and other furnishings.

Jay and I looked at each set on offer as we've still got a soft spot for fabric beds but after having one with 3 kitties it's never a good match. So the love Jay instantly had for the Bella 3PCE Upholstered Queen Bedroom Suite – Teal Fabric set was mutual but the smart choice was made to head towards the hardwood direction.

The suite that instantly stood out to me was the Coco 6PCE Dark Hardwood Queen Size Bedroom Suite with Storage. The deep rich shade of brown would really work with the colours I have in mind plus the existing colours of our bedroom. We both agreed that this would be our ideal set so on Sunday we popped down to the showroom to see if we like it just as much in real life. This piece is so popular that you can also snap it up in a crisp stunning white shade. If I had not had my heart set on a dark wood this would have been my next choice.

When we arrived at the showroom we were greeted by friendly staff and leisurely walked around seeing each and every piece up close. being able to touch the wood, test draws etc is was super important to us and once we met the Coco set up close and personal it just cemented our decision. Here's a little video of our Showroom walkthrough. 

Our key items to tick off were :

The Coco 6 Piece Set ticked each and every key item and we went ahead and ordered it with a delivery for the following week.

As I mentioned in the first post sustainable practices and long lasting pieces are very important to us. The masterminds behind B2C Furniture consciously made a decision to focus on hardwood furniture manufactured from sustainable forests; hardwood furniture that is built to last a lifetime and designed to be timeless so that the homes it furnishes always looks warm and welcoming for generations to come. 

They've spent years building relationships with trusted manufacturers so that there is no need to rely on third-party buyers to source their stunning products. The price point on each piece is also so amazingly considering the quality and lifespan of each and every piece. B2C Furniture create pieces that you'll not have to replace over and over again and if you do return to shop it's only to add extra pieces to your home.

Jay and I are already looking at a loungeroom suite as we fell head over heels for a coffee table and couch. But this will be something to plan once we are home from our US trip as we need to save up for that piece and focus on one thing as at time. But once that makeover bug bites you are ready to do each and every room.

I'm beyond excited to be able to use these amazing pieces as the base for my dream bedroom. Now for extra fun additions and shopping for all those little pieces that make your room have that personal touch.

I've already chosen a new quilt cover you can see if you look closely the Inspiration post and with that colour scheme and my own palette choices I've been adding little bits and pieces to create the most amazing, comfortable and very US as a couple room.

We've been together for nearly 7 years now and married for 4 but this is the first big furniture planning session we've ever had and we are so into every single aspect.

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