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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Pete Cromer Collection from Erstwilder

New release day has hit once again and for this collection Erstwilder have teamed up with Australian artist Pete Cromer! Pete Cromer is a contemporary Australian artist based in the Colac Otway region of Victoria.  Inspired by the optimistic personalities in people and wildlife, Pete’s work is renowned for his signature bursts of glowing colour and beautiful textures, all reflected in his bold collages, paintings and sculptures.
These signature features have translated into an absolutely stunning collection of Australian wildlife!


For this release I had to snap up my favourite Aussie critters and luckily they were the most adorable of the collection.


My first choice as the preppy platypus. A super sweet little love in the classic swim pose. Complete with the adorable little feet and that super sweet face.

What I love most about this piece is the incorporation water droplets in both blue and white. Creating motion and an extra colour pop on a brown/natural

Platypus's are my husbands favourite Australian animal so we are fighting over who wears this collection first.

Dapper Dingo indeed! Never have I seen a more sweet interpretation of a Dingo. The strong angles represent fur movement perfectly and those bold coloured shapes really pop on the base resin. 

This dapper wild dog will pair perfectly with my summer wardrobe and I'm really smitten with the almost caramel shade of it's coat. Those little eats and wagging tale have also won my heart. 
Now I could not live with out a Tassie Devil in my collection. I've been crazy for these critters for years and I never thought I'd get a chance to wear one as a pin but Erstwilder came to the rescue.

Just look at this chonky little fella with the sweetest little face! It can be hard creating a black based piece that really pops but the mixture of black, cream and white on this piece really do create that amazing coat of the devil.

Like all the pieces in this collection this little one also has a few pops of colour but these a little more muted. This piece is by far my favourite from the whole collection and I'm thinking of adding it to my pastel blue moto jacket.

I also had a few of the Essential pieces to show you guys! I'm a collector of drop earrings and find myself forever adding new colours and shapes to my jewelry box. 

Resin drop earrings are my daily go to accessory as they are light weight pop of colour. So when I found out Erstwilder had released a selection of shapes and colours I had to add a few more to my collection. You can snap up glitter based pieces, chunky confetti inspired resins and more.

Looking for more subtle patterns? Then the ripple or chunky glitter in darker shades might be for you. I'm absolutely smitten with the colours and styles on offer and the price point is amazing! I'll be ordering these every month so I can have an endless supply of accessories!

You can find these and many more colour was in the Essentials section of the Erswilder webstore. 

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