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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Evergreen Clothing

It's time to get casual and chic!

While I may wear corsets and dresses constantly I'm also a huge fan of perfect fitting skinnies and more comfy tops to wear on a day to day basis. 

I stumbled across Evergreen clothing a Victorian based label and instantly feel in love with the look and comfort of their styles. Creating pieces that really work with a plus size curvy shape without making us look boxy. 

I can't believe it, but I'm wearing joggers!! I've never worn this style before let alone a cargo pant but these are the absolute BEST skinnies ever! Super comfortable, stretchy yet firm on the legs and calves where you need it the most and a draw string waist paired with elastic. Styling possibilities are absolutely endless as well as they rock with any tee, jumper, shirt or blouse.

I'm wearing these in a size 20 (I never trust my waist to hip ratio) and they fit perfectly! I'm that in love with these perfectly fitting joggers that I will be in need of 2 more pairs! Dark blue and maybe the Khaki.

Sorrento Tee White - $59.95

I've pair these joggers with the Sorrento tee shirt and it's one of the most comfortable outfits I've ever worn.

What I love most about the Sorrento tee's are the lower back. Skimming over the booty and elongating your shape.  While a pair of pants and a plain white tee don't really scream Teer I added my most loved moto jacket and a pair of heels to make this a really 'me' look and I love it! 

The perfect casual outfit! I've also got my mitts on the pink and black (sleeveless) version of this tee and these will be in high rotation with both these pants and all of my high waisted skirts over the summer - perfect for work or play. I now need this in black and white stripes asap as I'm so smitten with the fit and comfort!

After a day of wear these pants do ease up so if you want a super tight skinny fit you can easily size down. I'd be interested to try an 18 in another shade! 

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