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Monday, July 8, 2019


Last year I introduced the first lipstick collection from Australia based vegan cosmetics line Aree Polish. Many moons ago I discovered their amazing collection of nail polishes and then their first release of lipsticks blew my mind with their bold colours and amazing texture.

This week four stunning new shades have been added to the Lip Sorcery Collection has been released and each and every shade feels like it was made for me! All of Aree Cosmetics products are handmade in Australia. Cruelty free and 100% vegan.

Flesh - $22.00
Before I tried Aree's lipsticks I'd always stuck to a super pink/mauve nude or a bright retro red. I was never really game enough to play with other colours and thought those were the only two that suited my complexation. Oh how wrong I was! 

Fast forward to me falling in love with super nude pale shades and absolutely adoring the this colour appropriately named Flesh.
A deep nude with blue pink undertone and it's the perfect shade for my natural lip tone, adding that extra level of colour.  
 Madam - $22.00
Madam is a stunning traditional red that packs a punch. Each lipstick from this new range has a opaque creme finish so you'll not have to worry about these lippies being uneven
Usually, I'm one to gravitate towards more blue reds but the brassy orange tones in this really compliment my skin tone and I think this will be one of my go to retro reds from now on. The shade really does pop perfectly my pale skin and pairs perfectly with my dark red hair.

The coverage on each lipstick is amazing plus they hydrate and keep your pout perfect. The chilly winter days and indoor heating take a toll on my lips, so these are an absolute blessing.
Fetish - $22.00
Now for something a little darker! Fetish at first seems like a deep dark brown shade. But once you apply this lipstick, the pigment shines through with a super deep plum shade.  

I've actually been hunting for a dark shade like this to replace my go to going out lipstick and I can't wait to test this with a full night on the town. Although I love a super bright retro red, I tend to wear these darker shades when I go out.

Latex - $22.00
I never though it was possible to for me to be able to wear a bold black lip without it looking comical and over the top. I've been lusting after this shade for years but every time I've tried a black or near black lipstick it's always been a complete fail. That's until Aree's Latex! 
A full coverage black shade with an almost green hue when in certain lights this lipstick is perfectly described soul suckingly black.

One issue I've had with black lippies in the past has been bleeding. There is nothing worse that a lipstick bleeding into every little crack or line around your mouth but with black it's even more apparent.

As soon as I applied the shade Latex all that paranoia vanished and as you can see it perfect applies perfectly.
I never thought it was going to be possible for me to ever rock a shade like this but I'm over the moon with how it looks. I can't wait to wear this with more outfits, on shoots and out on the town. My lashes are from Moxie Lash, and I'll be going to more detail regarding these amazing, life changing creations later this week.

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