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Sunday, July 28, 2019


This month the ghoulishly dark Night Crawlers range was released and each and every piece made my little black heart skip a beat. A range full of ancient astrology, magical symbols, and creatures of the shadows: we’re bringing you gear for your darkest nighttime adventures.

Last gothic inspired release I was too slow off the mark and missed the Magic Heart Crop top! My heart was broken as I love the fishnet/pentagram combo but luckily this release my loves at Blackmilk Clothing created a dress version!

Words can't explain how much I love this piece but for review purposes lets try. This classic skater style mini is my dream dress. The skater style absolutely rocks on my curves as it flatters my waist, bust and hips and even though it's a mini there is actually enough fabric to cover my toosh! I'm always worried about that given my ample rump.

To make sure I don't flash too much of my undergarments I've paired this dress with my Sport Stripe Tights as they are solid black at the top and the fishnet pairs perfectly with the bust of this piece.

Give how fast this piece sold out I hope that Blackmilk will create a midi version of this iconic style so I can wear it without tights all year round! I'm wearing this style in an XL, and the fit is perfection.

The fishnet and a killer pentagram harness feature across the chest makes this piece absolutely POP! It's such a brilliant design feature and really makes this high necked style more bold and sexy. I'm inspired to wear other high neck solid colour tops beneath the fishnet so the pentagram stands out even more so. I'm also absolutely smitten with the glove style sleeve it's perfect for the chilly winter weather we are having and means I don't need to pack extra accessories!

I've paired this bold black piece with my Orchard Corset Mesh Waist Belt. Yes that's a mini 3 busk corset around my waist with an elasticated back. So cute, so chic and the perfect way to really make your curves pop. I'm wearing the XL but I find this super roomy and could go down one more size.


This year I'm definitely feeling the love for the Princess Dress. I never knew I'd be able to pull off a high neck, printed and sleeveless style but I now have them in rotation weekly for work.

The Dark Butterflies Dress is a stunning stretch velvet printed princess cut and is my 3rd print in this style. Super soft fabric, a bold and eye catching print plus the best high neck fit for a busty lass like myself - the princess dress is absolutely dreamy.

We usually only see a Butterfly print in full glorious colour but there is something very death moth/occult looking about this brilliant print. The fabric is much more stretch that my other dresses in this style so you can size down with ease as my bust and waist could have used a Large for a firmer and more body hugging fit. 
Look girls no cardigan!! Shocking right? But to show off this style I really did not want any distractions from the print and a cardigan although cute would be a little too much. I've paired this style with my latest obsession Orchard Corsets new waist belts. Covered in buckles and silver hardware belt hugs my curves and cups my bust. This is also an XL and you can be  sure you'll get that amazing Orchard Corset fit as they have taken the time and care to create some amazing waist belts this year. I'm loving these paired with my underbust corsets as well.

Lastly BlackMilk classic piece that I just had to sneak into this shoot as well as I'm addicted to the open top style. My 3rd Show Us Ya Tops dress and counting!!!

I'm 100% in love with my go to dress in mini PVC form! I wear both my velvet and matte fabric version of this piece constantly because it's so versatile and flattering on my figure and now I have my most lusted after version with that high PVC shine!

The PVC fabric is not as stretchy as all my other versions of this dress/skirt but I find the fit to be even more figure hugging due to the limited stretch. I'm wearing the XL and it slides on like a dream then perfectly pairs with a bold stripe and my boot and stockings combo.

 I can't wait to style this over the next few months and create more amazing looks with that PVC shine.  
Oh and yes this little mini has pockets, super deep and comfortable pockets! I can see this being a staple at summer festivals as I noticed a few around Download earlier this year! 

The mini works wonders with my shape and I'm not showing any toosh when I bend. But I'd love to see a skort or midi version of this in future releases.

Towards the end of our shoot I got a little inspired by some album art work I saw earlier that weekend and had a little play with my antlers and gothic morning vail. The pentagram dress pairs perfectly with both of these pieces!

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