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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Moxie Lash

As I sat applying my makeup over the weekend for a shoot I said to my husband 'There is no going back from Moxie Lash' as I snapped on the fastest, easiest to apply false lashes.



I 100% mean it! I've been wearing false lashes for over a decade now as I love the fullness and extra pow they bring to my makeup looks on both shoots and evenings out. I've suffered through glue that burns or barely dries, glue that nearly pulls your lashes on one by one as you remove them and all kinds of horrid gunk. But due to the love of the look I've dealt with the annoying messy and sometimes painful ways to apply or wear them.

Baddy Lashes - $35.00

Then I stumbled across Moxie Lash and I was intrigued but the magic of an eyeliner that connects magnetic lashes. So I could create my look, apply a full retro eyeliner look and then apply any of the magnetic lashes instantly.

I admit I thought that this had to be too good to be true but from my first try I was instantly blown away and knew that I'd never be using any other lash product again. The simplicity of the process means I'm never wanting to go back to the days of applying lash glue, waiting for it to get tacky enough to apply then failing again and again. I use black glue so if I have any mess it's so horrid to clean up.

What's so magic about Moxie? The magnet-infused eyeliner technology means each application will be perfect. As they state all you do is line your eyeline, apply the lashes and then dash! The whole process is super fast and effortless.
The magnetic lashes apply to the infused liner instantly and hold all day and night unlike most glue lashes which I tend to want to rip off after a few hours. For my first brush with Moxie Lash I received the Starter Kit and 3 extra pairs of lashes.

The kit arrives with the liquid magnetic eyeliner, one pair of your favorite lash style and our olive-oil infused cotton swabs for removal & cleaning. Right from the start you have absolutely everything you'll need to get the perfect application and removal. To remove the lash merely softy pull it from your lash line, apply the infused cotton swap to the lashes before you place them back in the case then clean up the liner from your eyes. This fully removes all of the product and helps to keep your skin smooth. This kit is the perfect way to try these amazing products and if you are anything like me you'll want ever single lash - hence why I have a few pairs!
Moxie have a great selection from a more natural looking style as show in the product shot to full and bold styles like the Baddy and the Flashy Lash. Each work perfectly on my eyes and I've worn two in the last week. The old and time consuming way of applying lashes really made me want to wear them less but with Moxie Lash I'm exited to apply them more often.

Each pair promise up to 30 wears which is absolutely amazing if you break that price down to per wear! I'll definitely be wearing mine constantly so I'll be able to update you on how long one pair will last me.
I'm that excited I feel like ordering back ups incase anything gets lost or I over use them!

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