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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Endangered Species

Today Erstwilder have released a selection of Endangered Animals pieces featuring an amazing selection of cute and sadly now in danger critters. These creatures are at-risk and in need our help so for every piece sold Erstwilder are donating $2 to the Wilderness Society. Own amazing pieces and help raise funds to help keep these 14 critters around for future generations.

Now I noticed with this release that my knowledge of animals on this endangered list is limited and after seeing these pieces my heart just sinks. So many truly unique and important animals and insects that we need in our world are in danger, and we need to invest our funds into supporting wildlife groups that are working on helping each and every species.
There is something so magical about a bold yellow and black accessory and even more so when it's in the shape of a Corroboree frog. This large and adorable fella is PERFECTION and my stand out new go to brooch.

He adds a bright pop of colour to my usually dark winter wardrobe and looks amazing. All of the classic and bright features have been perfectly replicated and I honestly can't get enough of this piece
Also, the silly face was my photographer asking for a frog expression and threatening to never shoot me again if I did not upload these images so enjoy =D
Look at those little fingers and feet, the curves and that sweet little eye. So cute!!!
Next is the super cheeky Black Footed Ferret brooch. A US based critter with the most adorable features ever and Erstwilder have replicated this perfectly in brooch form.

These cute little bandits are known for their distinct markings and the inquisitive looking back pose is iconic for these little guys. The style of resin used perfectly captures the look of their fur and I love the highlighted tail, face and feet. Forever on the hunt and looking surveying the world around them.
Lastly, we have an Australian cutie. The Lead Beater Possum has always been a favourite of mine as I have always taken care of any local possums in my area. When I was living in hawthorn many moons ago, we actually had a possum box and had a cutie we named Brian who use to come to our door nightly for a treat. Possums are such sweet and stunning creatures and we need to be sure to keep our cats and other domesticated pets away from them.

Erstwilder have captured this little guy perfectly with the stripes and the curl of the tail. Wear it flat or upwards so it's climbing the tree. Such a little sweetie!
You can snap up these and more endangered animal pieces from this collection right now and give a little bit back to an amazing wildlife fund.



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