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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Black Widow

What's this? Another Unique Vintage review/photoset?  Well when the absolutely dreamy  Lamar Swing Dress you have to make the time to create some amazing images of this perfect LBD.


There is something so effortlessly stylish and sexy about the Lamar Dress. The soft, super stretchy Bengaline fabric that drapes perfectly over your hips yet is fitted over the waist and bust. A pointed waistband paired with a knife pleated swing skirt helps to make your curves pop! With or without a waist belt this dress will make you feel super curvy.

What makes this dress shine is the bustline. For girls like myself that love to show off a bit of boobage this style really flatters and shapes your bust. It's very low cut but still workable with even my most full bras. I've opted to wear a plunge Curvy Kate style with this dress and as you can see it works perfectly. An adorable faux button in the shape of a black rose is the center feature of the sweetheart neckline and I love how it completes the look.

Size wise I went with my usual 1XL but this size is way too big due to the fabric. So I strongly suggest going down to a smaller size as there is so much stretchy and give. While this size is super comfortable I think the waist line and structured details will pop more so with a tighter fit, hence why I added an in theme waist belt.

Styling wise I've run with the Black Widow theme and paired this stunning dress with all UV accessories with the exception of the waist belt.  The Black Sinamay and Rhinestone Brooch Fascinator paired perfectly with my curls and looks absolutely amazing. I wore it slightly the wrong way but I still love how it looks and tis tis to my photographer for not telling me the bow was meant to be pointing towards the back of my head. But either way the netting, bold brooch and bow detailing really make this piece pop and pair perfectly with the dress.

To complete the look I've added these stunning floral mesh gloves. If your new to my blog you might not know of my glove obsession but until now I've not owned mesh or net gloves. So when I saw these floral/lace gloves I needed to try them asap.
They are soft and delicate yet really durable and fit my medium sizes hands with ease. The palm is outfitted allow easy grips and a touchscreen pointer finger so you can still use your smart phone while keeping warm. I adore this feature as it mixes vintage with modern needs - brilliant work Unique Vintage!
My waist belt and the inspo for the name of the look is the Kreepsville 666 spider waist belt which you can purchase directly from their website or many other resellers. 


Many thanks to my husband Jay for taking these images and for working with me to create a little bit of vintage magic. We focused on a few portraits towards the end of this shoot and I love how they turned out.

You can pick up all of these pieces right now on Unique Vintage and many more accessories. So be sure to go wild and style the perfect look for you.

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