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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

In Full Bloom

Over the past 2 weeks Erstwilder have been tempting the brooch loving community with stunning previews from their latest In Full Bloom range.

Modeled by the adorable, super sweet and absolutely stunning Miss Victory Violet, this amazing collection features some of the most beautiful floral pieces I've ever laid eyes on. Deigned by  Carmen Hui Art and Illustration this collection comprises of beautifully crafted and created flowers and houseplants .

For this release I actually went out of my accessory comfort level ever so slightly and ordered the large statement necklace. I'm always wearing small necklaces or pendants and this year I've decided to go in a more epic direction, embracing larger pieces and more ornate creations.



My first two pieces from this collection had to be the absolutely stunning roses. This version of the Lily and rose bunch necklace the size Large which is 16cm wide. This epic piece really does create the effect of a blooming punch of stunning flowers and the attention to detail within both the roses and the lily really do make eat petal and feature pop.


I've only recently become a fan of roses and what I love about these pieces has to be how well they have mimicked and created a very real petal texture in both flowers and lets face it there is nothing sweeter than a deep red rose!

Being the owner of 3 cats I can't have Lily's in my home anymore but I can wear them as accessories while keeping my fur babies safe. I just adore how the Lily takes pride and place in-between these two red roses and the soft pink really compliments the other pieces.
I've paired this stunning piece with the single red rose brooch and I love how magical they look when worn with one outfit. This piece pairs perfectly with each and every brooch, necklace or earring from the collection of shines when worn on it's own.


Out of all of the house plants featured in this collection the Monstera brooch really called to me. I'm always searching for large leafed ferns and this piece is one of my dream potted pretties in reality.

I've got a folder full of background inspiration for photo shoot locations all involving the stunning big and bold leaves of this amazing plant and now I can wear it.

 The reflective resign in 3 stunning shades of green make this piece really true to reality and I love how well it pairs with the rich purple shades in the vase. This piece has inspired me that much I need to have one of these in my home!


Lastly but in no way least I have another bold statement necklace! Yes I'm really going to rock amazing pieces like this! 



The string of pearls necklace is an amazing creating that perfectly replicates the hanging basket house plant of the same name otherwise know as Senecio Rowleyanus.  Comprising of a white glittered bowl with cascading green almost pea like strings of these dark and light green pearls.

While the rose and lilly necklace was all about a bright and bold bunch of flowers this piece showcases how stunning a hanging plan accessory really can be.

What I love most about these larger, statement necklaces is that you can wear them with both low and high necklines. They pop on any base and really do stand out in the best possible way.

Which is your favourite from this fantastic floral collection?

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