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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Must Have Mustard

It's not often I look at a website then snap up 4 perfectly created pieces for a full look but because of the brilliant designers at Voodoo Vixen this is exactly what I did! With a mixture of complimenting colours and fabrics, I've created my all time favourite winter look.

Celine Black Top - £25.00

Yes, I'm on a bit of a plaid kick at the moment but to be honest that's what I aim to add to my wardrobe all year round. For this look I chose the Celine black top to pair with the Bridget Plaid Full skirt in a green and yellow based plaid.

The Bridget skirt is a stunning full circle skirt in a wool like fabric that's soft and smooth to the touch. Complete with an invisible zip and hidden pockets this swing is an amazing piece both in fit, comfort level and tailoring. The waist band thickness creates great curves, and the fullness of the skirt makes your hour glass shape more pronounced.

I'm wearing the 1XL, and the waist is perfect! Earlier this year I got my sizes confused and ordered a 2XL which absolutely swam on me but this size is great for me in skirts. If you currently look in my wardrobe at all of my Voodoo Vixen garments, you'll find XL, XXL and 1XL. I wear different sizes depending on the garment itself.

Top wise I wanted to pair this plaid skirt with a black blouse so it could be the star of the look. The Celine was the perfect choice as it's a super stretchy high cowl necked top with the button epilate detailing and a peak a boo button closure at the back. Designed in collaboration with Miss Victory Violet this top is a great base piece for so many bottoms in my collection. Size wise I opted for an XXL and the fit is amazing. Firm and curvy hugging without being tight in any way. Plus this baby is extra long so it won't give you any awkward lines under wiggle skirts or pants.

Now let's chat accessories! Last year a received a stunning VV turban as a gift and I was instantly swooning. So when I found this amazing mustard coloured bow turban I knew 1. I had to have it and 2. it was meant to be part of this look. The bold shade paired with my hair is a match made in fashion heaven plus the colour pairs perfectly with the Bridget skirt.

Each turban is one size fits all so you can wear it with curls, straight or braided hair for a supersweet look. If only the summer weather would disappear so I could be back into my favourite winter accessories. With 3 Voodoo Vixen turbans in my collection now I feel like I've given into the full addiction and I'm 100% fine with this.
 To complete the look a fantastic feline handbag with the cutest design features. A navy and pink faux leather purse in sweet round shape which purrfectly holds all of your must have daily items. A playful kitty motif has been embroided on the front of this handbag in black and pink and the most adorable little upright ears compliment this embroidery.

The purse comes with the small handle as show and a clip on extender which will make it hit at your hip. The purse is also sectioned off into two sides with full zips which is a super useful feature.
I just love how darling this looks when paired with the full look and my Nightmare Nails nude claws. I'm really feeling the pale/nude look of nails these days as they elongate your digits, match everything and look so sleek and clean.
Many Thanks to Brooke Orchard for shooting this look and I now owe her all the turbans at Voodoo Vixen as she's loves them just as much as I do!

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