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Monday, April 9, 2018

Lets Do The Time Warp Again

What's this a new Erstwilder release? But Teer you only released your Treasure Island blog last week, it's almost like a double feature.......

Ok, ok I know that was a lame joke but I could not help myself! Today I'm super excited to share the latest and greatest release EVER from Erstwilder - The Rocky Horror Picture Show range!!!!!! Full of every character and visual you'll ever need or want from this amazing musical. They have everything from multiple Dr Frankenfuter to those iconic lips and phrases. 

I had the pleasure for shooting my three favourite pieces from this collection this week and I'm loving the different ways that have created iconic visually stunning pieces to represent this film.

Dr. Frank Brooch - $39.95

Firstly we have the Sweet Transvestite, from transsexual, Transylvania! Oh Frankie you are pure magic with those brows, that lippie and a golden sparkled hair do.


Such a brilliant portrait of Dr. Frank with the perfect amount of style, sass and sparkle. This piece even features the iconic white pearl necklace and of course I needed to pair this with my own leather jacket.

Wild and Untamed - $39.95

I think this might just be one of my all time favourite pieces to be released from Erstwilder. While I adore Frankie, there is something so 'me' about the Wild and Untamed brooch. I'm a sucker for a bold red heart in general the fact that Erstwilder have turned Dr. Frankenfurter's own tattoo into the real-life piece is nothing short of magic.

The mixed blood inspired resin, that word and the two perfect blood droplets have me swooning.

I honestly can't get enough of this heart brooch and I think I'll be wearing it weekly with skater dresses and lots of striped tops. The red will pop perfectly on all of my Vixen blouses.

Damn It Janet Necklace - $44.95

Lastly we have the Damn It Janet necklace. While most people would instantly go for the full rocky horror necklace or the fishnet legs could not go past this piece.

Such an iconic phrase in an adorable statement necklace! This piece stands out from the rest of the range with the use of yellow and soft pastels - perfect for the uber sweet and so called innocent Janet we first meet in the film.

These are merely a taste of the Rock Horror Picture Show range and you can find these and more via Erswilder's website.  Each piece perfectly captures the magic of the film and will have you singing your favourite tunes all day long .

I have a lot of love for the original motion picture soundtrack but I think The Me First and the Gimme Gimmes version of Double Feature is a brilliant punk rock cover. Enjoy!


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