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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Lovely Jubly

The new year has started with a new release of one of my favourite local accessory companies - Jubly-Umph! Featuring adorable creations that empower all of us.

This set features  the 'Brew of Bravery', 'Elixir of Courage', 'Liquid Luck' and 'Solution of Strength' Each pin is beautifully crafted with a cold back, full colour enamel and so much glitter!

Just look at all those little details! Each piece not only adds a little glitter and sparkle into your day but is an adorable reminder of what we all have within. While sometimes it's hard to put a brave face on and must up courage, strength or bravery now we can with a little push from an amazing pin.

Jubly-Umph have your back and love to add a little bit of brilliance to each and every outfit with their amazing accessories. Plus the bold colours pair with just about every look I wear on a regular basis. 

Each pin can be purchased individually or in a set. I'm crazy about pin groupings so I'll be wearing all at once be it on my Vixen crop top or on a pink moto jacket as I'm loving the combo. Plus the bold colours pair with just about every look I wear on a regular basis. 
The Future Is Yours Pin
You Can Bee anything Pin
Purr-sist Pin
Bottled courage, not enough for you? How about these adorable inspirational and magical pins? A little magic with a crystal ball in a stunning lavender. A super inspiring and cute as a button queen bee that knows you can rock anything and my absolute favourite the Purr-sist Kitty! These items are not up for sale yet, but they will be live and on the web store as of the 1st of Feb!!! So I'll link back and update you guys as soon as they go LIVE!

I absolutely adore the soft pale shades in this range and that soft blue is absolutely stunning. It really pops on solid shades as well as prints.

I'm that inspired with both of these ranges that I think a new themed Moto is in order. So I'll be looking out for even more amazing pins from Jubly-Umph with an inspirational them and creating that over the next few months so be sure to check back on my progress. I think I'll also need to all of these with some of the new release tees that will hit their website soon!


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